Sharing our D&I research - What resonates for you?

Hi everyone,

I am blogging a series based on the findings (qualitative & quantitative) of our diversity & inclusion research.

Because this research shares what we learned from many of you , I would love to hear :

1. What resonates, what feels most important?
2. What you would ADD to the research about your own experiences.

I’ll continue to update this post with the next in the blog series (we have 3 more to go).



Top work on this and the full report! Appreciating this thread may be a WIP but do you have a perceived deadline - or just let it flow out of us until we are a husk of our former selves?

Once the series ends (in 3 weeks) we’ll begin work to develop the D&I strategy (by end of Q3), so all input before then will be very very appreciated, valued and incorporated! Thanks so much for your great feedback so far :slight_smile:

ps - will present on Reps call around this time as well.

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