Short Kab CV tour through five Canadian cities

I’m just coming back from a short visit (15 days) to Canada where I met the Kabyle community in 5 Canadian cities: Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Sherbrooke and Toronto.

The purpose of the visit is to popularize the voice free dataset project of Mozilla and Sentence collector tool to collect more Kabyle voices.

I noticed that the Kab Canadian citzens begin to develop their own accent.

I took the opportunity to visit Mozilla’s Office in Toronto where I met Mikael Hoye and I recorded a short interview that will be broadcasted later on TQ5, a Kabyle TV based in Montreal.

Thanks for Mike who received me and thanks for Jenny who proposed help for a live chat intervention, but unfortunately we couldn’t due to technical things in Ottawa where I gave the last speech.


Good job Mohand. I saw your conferences, very informativ. Keep up the good work. You are inspiration for many!


I’ll be back to Canada next June for CV & SC workshops in Monteral/Ottawa. Probably also, if I’ll get a visa, “I’ll jump” to the USA for the same purpose in Philadephia. I noticed that the kab community there is developing a North American Kabyle accent. That’s what’s motivating my visit.

I also noticed that the old generation kept the old Kabyle while it was oral. In Kabylia, due to school and writing, the language is evolving both on oral and writing sides.

In France also it’s the same situation. The old people people kept the old accents, tone and sounds, and the new generation is also developing new sounds and then a French Kabyle. If I’ll get time, I also going to Paris to lead some activities about CV and other stuff related to Kabyle language (Localization, translation…) next February.

Interesting about the different accents. It is nice though, we got more variety. That will probably change if we got a kabyle education systeme in the future. I hope you enjoy your travelling, it is keeping you young :smiley:

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