Kab team: Localization at Mozilla - Live training in Kabyle language about localization

The kab team organized a second 1 hour live training session about localization.
The training aims to recruit more localizers to keep a good level and quality of translations.
The training was held in Kabyle language. In the future we plan to add subtitles in English.
I think lives are the best way to share since the video stays accessible even after the live.
The recorded training video is viewd by 1 289 people in 4 hours.
The live was organized by Fateh At Missi and Slimane Amiri from the association Tiddukla Tiɛwinin which support our activities: Localization & Common Voice actions in Kabylia.

The full video is available Youtube and FB https://www.facebook.com/Sideg.tq/videos/1223939864476813/UzpfSTEwMDAwMzQ1Njk0OTQ2MjoxNDY5ODMzMjAzMTQxODk3/


Yes Muḥend, this is a very good way to popularize and publicize the projects. Thank you very much for your efforts and your help


@belkacem77 @slimane.amiri This is great!

Thank you so much for educating the community and contributing to the localization effort at Mozilla.

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