[solved] How to reclaim a domain at mozilla-iot.org after skiped first steps

I desided to start over with my gateway and reflashed my rpi3 with 0.10. Then unfortunately i skiped the subdomain creation in the first steps of setup.
I then read this thread but i don’t know how to restart the first steps again.
Is that possible? Or how can i reconnect my gateway to my subdomain?

You’ll have to do some things on the command line.

sqlite3 ~/.mozilla-iot/config/db.sqlite3 "DELETE FROM settings WHERE key = 'notunnel'"
sudo systemctl restart mozilla-iot-gateway

After that, the gateway should prompt you to set up your domain again. To reclaim an old one, you’ll just need to put in the same subdomain and email address you previously used. It’ll prompt you to reclaim, and then you’ll get an email with a token, which you’ll need to put in the form.

worked! Thanks!
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@Novski Alternatively,
Should this scenario re-occur, we now have a script in the ~/mozilla-iot/gateway/tools directory.
executing $ ./remove-tunnel-token.sh will take care of these things. It will open the db and remove the necessary entries.

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