(Solved ) Rules : I need use of a timer

(Frank Grandalen) #1

Hello. . I try to set up a rule and need to hold a relay output for 10 sek. and then reliese automatically. There should bee possible to have a timer feature that contains “wait and hold” on the bottom line for use in Programming rules? Is there any way to solve this With use of a internal clock ?

(Martin Giger) #2

You should be able to almost solve this with the pulse adapter. It gives you the option to trigger a pulse of a given length. Wait and hold is hard to implement in general, really depends on how the button exposes the press and how accurate that is. Some buttons will for example expose an event for a hold.

(Frank Grandalen) #3

One of the Rule cases is like this: Remote start of a gasolin 230V AC generator. Use a GPIO relay output from Raspberry pi for activate the 12 V start motor and let it run for about 15 sek. ( the problem is to hold this relay for 15 sek) And when the unit starts, the relay that controls the 12 V starter engine must be released immediately ( or else the start engine become ruined, its like to start a car). I can use a GPIO input signal to the raspberry pi by a rule to stop the relay operating the 12 V starter engine. ( I got a 12 V DC back from the charge output of the generator when start of gasolin engine, that I can use for input to the GPIO)

(Martin Giger) #4

The pulse adapter is made exactly for that, to let you have time delayed pulses.

(Frank Grandalen) #5

Ok, that may solve the problem. But I have to ask, where do I find the pulseadapter signal ?

(Martin Giger) #6

You can configure the pulses in the add-on setting. Then you have to add the virtual pulse device in the device pairing screen.

(Frank Grandalen) #7

Solved :slight_smile: thanks a lot