Ssh / root access to mozilla iot on Turris hardware


Can anybody assist in how to gain admin (root) access to the Mozilla iot gateway running on the Turris Omnia hardware.

I have the tried the most “obvious” compbinations…


and a few passwords such as ‘mozilla’ etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Reason for trying to gain access is the installation of LIFX plugin, which results in the following errors:

ERROR : lifx: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘gateway_addon’

And from the page:

It says i need to manually install:

sudo apt install python3-dev libnanomsg-dev
sudo pip3 install nnpy
sudo pip3 install git+

As the plugin is only supported on the Raspherry pi…

Kind regards

On the omnia you need to setup the root password. Browse to port 81 to get the original omnia user interface.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your feedback. That was exactly the information i needed, and I was able to set a root password.

I wasn’t aware that the original Turris (wrt) os was still underneath as the foundation for the Mozilla IOT solution.

I was also able to install the ‘python3-dev’ package from the Turris repos via the built in ‘opkg’ package manager. But unfortunately no ‘libnanomsg-dev’ seems to exist. At least not in the Turris repos. Would you know how or where to get this package from - if possible.

I reckon I will probably have to ask at the Turris forums…

Kind regards