Still nothing to do for matching Windows colour theme?

Simple behaviour of any windows application: the title bar color matches the Windows chosen theme color.
E.g. Windows theme color is red, then Start menu is red, start bar is red, all applications title bars are red. Windows color theme is blue, then everithing related is blue and so on. When the window is active, when it’s not they shoul be grayed, or lighter/dull color.

Firefox (the last generation super efficient user-needs-supercareful firefox) of course won’t follow this simple pattern because it’s different.
Until now i’ve benefited from the userChrome workaround setting manually the correct wanted behaviour, but since last week update 103.0.1 the workaround is not working anymore, now just always gray title bar active/inactive and for any Windows theme color. Impressive the ability to find any possible way to complicate user life.

Is there anything coming on this side?
Have I already mentioned how fantastic this new Firefox is?