FF 92 title bar color windows

Until yesterday all fine, firefox title bar was the same color as my windows theme color. Today after a delightful firefox update the title bar is turned grey with no options to change it.
I don’t want to use some custom style like firefox.color or manually set a color because my windows color changes as i change windows theme so i just would like the firefox bar color to change exactly as any other program title bar.
Could you please (please) p.l.e.a.s.e stop messing everything at any firefox update?


I was hit too by this change and reminded me how sensible are these unwelcomed visual changes. I hope it will be fixed soon. Until then, as a workaround, the tabs bar colors can be tweaked to look like the windows title bar color, as follows:

  1. Enable userChorem.css as explained in How to Create a userChrome.css File article

  2. Make sure the userChorme.css file has the following content

.tab-background[selected="true"] {
    background: whitesmoke!important;

#TabsToolbar {
    background: #0077d4;
    color: white;
    fill: whitesmoke!important;
    --toolbarbutton-icon-fill: whitesmoke;

My Windows theme has a blueish title bar color (#0077d4 html notation). If your’s is different then use a color picker (I used the one from Gimp), find out the title’s bar color hex value and replace the “background:” value from the "#TabsToolbar " CSS selector.

I hope it helps!

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it helps, but not so much, because hardcoding a title bar color in a css file is not really my way of living.
I love colors and i change windows theme very frequently, you can’t imagine the discomfort firefox ui designers are causing me
(to be honest it’s the same even for other areas developers, with this new fashion of introducing random bugs and removing working functionalities)

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If the title’s bar color doesn’t change, during a FF session lifetime, then a (dirty) option would be a wrapper script that would dynamically determine the color and adjust the “userChrome.css” file accordingly, before launching FF.

However, I believe that many users (me included) never change the Windows theme; so the workaround might still be useful for them!

but none of you is disturbed from the fact that the title bar is grey like it was an inactive window?

Of course, when I look at that grey tab bar my first thought is an inactive FF but the Windows’ taskbar immediately contradicts it. This is the reason why I’ve made the workaround (and share it in the hope it will be helpful to others, as well).

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Tbh they won’t fix any proton related color in the future, seems they are busy with fission instead. Proton Color bug fix still have a lot of issue like padding and other.

You can try fix that implemented by black7375 on github

it will follow the titlebar background color, the variable should be


see more https://github.com/black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix/wiki/Tips#system-accent-color

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this workaround is not woking anymore since 103.0.1, all gray now, is there a workaround for the workaround?? @benli

It is really a pity that they don’t fix this regression, despite the numerous complaints on Mozilla forums and many other websites and forums! Many users have affirmed to quit Firefox due to this annoying problem for other browser like Chrome where it does work properly.
To share my thoughts: 1 regression makes you lose more market share than 10 new functionalities will make you gain. And Firefox team should prioritize tasks to limit the market share decline!