Suggestion: Field for reviewers to input their browser version & OS


I thought it would be nice if reviewers had a field where they could input their browser version (maybe OS too, since Android extensions are a thing) when submitting their review. This would aid greatly when resolving bugs people report in their reviews.


Yes. I have an addon that has just one review - 2 stars with no explanatory text. The addon is designed for Android, and has ‘Android’ in it’s name. But I made it work on desktop - though it’s very limited on desktop. It would be nice for me, and other potental users, to know whether this unimpressed user was using it on Android.

(Jorge) #3

We generally want developers to offer separate support options, and that users use those instead. Adding such features to user reviews makes the site more complex and could also encourage users to write reviews instead of user better support channels.

We have plans for next year to make the support information more prominent so users know where to file bugs.