Suggestion: Reduce tab height

I often have dozens of tabs open at any given time. It would be a great help if I could see more tabs onscreen. There is a lot of wasted vertical space in the current tabs. Tab height could easily be reduced by half without sacrificing any findability, especially if Tab Center would work together with the ColorfulTabs extension. How about making tab height customizable, and allowing colored background schemes?

While I can see how that would be helpful for you, Tab Center isn’t really about letting people customize it. It’s more about trying to get to the best UI we can, and seeing how people react to it. (That’s why it’s an experiment, and not a built-in Firefox feature. ;)) Perhaps you could talk to the author of the ColorfulTabs extension, and ask them to get it working with TabCenter? I would be more than happy to chat with them about that…

Thanks for the suggestion!


In terms of usability I really find the tab to be way too high, event in their small version. I know it would be more complex to manage, but maybe have the height of the tab be dynamic: 30px as long as it we doesn’t need to scroll and then reduce the height as we add more tab until they are at the minimum that stays clean (maybe 15-20px) and then have the scroll bar appears.

That dynamic height could be expanded to work from the large tab (60px ??) down to their smaller version (15-20px).

The main goal of having vertical tab for me is to see the maximum tabs possible at the same time.