[Support] Notification Sound

(Martin Giger) #21

And this is certainly on the latest version? How familiar are you with developer tools (linked earlier in this thread, too).

If not, could I ask you to try it on a new profile (use -p when launching Firefox)?

(Timothy Marinello) #22

Latest version of Firefox (checked updates to be sure) and I’m pretty sure the latest version of Notification Sound, whatever was available here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/notification-sound/ . I will try with a new profile and if that doesn’t work, I will see what it says in the debugging console. Will report back shortly.

(Timothy Marinello) #23

Ok, tried with a fresh profile and got the same issue.
Here is a screenshot for the debugging console. Not sure what it all means…

(Martin Giger) #24

Seems like it can not identify the MIME type of the audio file. Do you see the same warning when choosing an MP3?

(Timothy Marinello) #25

Same everything…
I was using this addon fine yesterday and for many weeks, but I reinstalled Windows several times yesterday due to a perceived issue with a game and after the reinstall, this addon never worked again.

(Martin Giger) #26

I’m looking into possible ways to fix this on my end, but there is likely some issue in your installation that prevents it from properly detecting the MIME type here :confused:

Thank you for your investigations and I’ll get back to you when I find out more!

(Martin Giger) #27

Trying to get to the ground of this… So I have another request of something for you to try. Could you please go to about:debugging and click on “Manifest URL”. Then change the “manifest.json” part of the url to “pop.flac”. Does it play the default sound?

(Timothy Marinello) #28

It showed this error error2 so I installed VLC and the sound plays at the requested Manifest URL now, but still functions the same in the addon itself (same error as above).

(Martin Giger) #29

Does it play using the VLC plugin? Thank you for confirming this, btw!

(Timothy Marinello) #30

Actually I restarted Firefox and it seems to be working now, at least with the default sound. Still doesn’t work with the short MP3 I was trying to use for the notification sound. I haven’t tested if notifications actually make a sound yet or not.

(Timothy Marinello) #31

The custom notification sound does play in VLC just fine. I tested with the default sound and the addon does make a sound for notifications.

(Martin Giger) #32

Thank you for testing this!

As far as I know all Firefox versions should be able to build FLAC files, so that’s really weird. And as we have established, Firefox can play the MP3 file directly, however it somehow fails to properly play it in the extension context.

(Timothy Marinello) #33

Yeah it’s kind of a strange problem to me because it was functioning just fine before I did the reinstall yesterday. So I just converted the MP3 to FLAC and put that in as the custom sound. No error showed up, sound played in the Options. Tested the notification sound and it worked! So, for whatever reason, MP3 won’t work this time around but converted to FLAC it works just fine.