Support omnibox api in Android

Now the new Android versions have dropped the support for keyword search, which is a big loss IMHO, we desperately need support for the omnibox API on Android.

Why is the loss of keyword search a big issue?
I have dozens of keyword search bookmarks. Sure I can change them to search engines, but instead of typing g search [enter] (1) or h search [enter] (1) etc, I have to type search (1) click Search engine (2) scroll to the desired search engine (in a list of +40) (3) and click [enter] (4).

I need (4) different user-actions on different parts of the screen, instead of the old (1) user-action typing on the keyboard.

It’s a usability nightmare.

Please bring it back, and at least bring the omnibox API to Android.

Instead of installing another and another extension for a feature, the bookmark and the old keyword (search) is much easier.

Although I prefer to have both: Users need to type the keyword anyway, what’s wrong with offering a lot of power by typing a letter and space first.


You can’t filter suggestions by, for example, adding ^ to limit them to history, or * for bookmarks, either.

Anyway, I suppose the place to suggest it is probably

the answer could not be more obvious: It is very wrong to make the user memorize all those 1. keywords/terms/whateverYouCallIt 2. memorize WHERE they can be used 3. memorize what the heck they are good for.

could you not think of this answer yourself? It is a usability nightmare.

As you know, this comes on top of memorizing a plethora of passwords every 2 weeks. wonderful, eh.

I’m not forcing anyone to memorize anything.

Just asking for support for an missing API, and regret a much used lost feature. Yes I would like that missing feature / bug (keyword bookmarks/search) to be reintroduced / bug fixed

I’m using keywords for bookmarks for 15+ years, if I have to deal with my phone subscription, I just have to type tel. For my mobile phone subscription telm.

I have had different companies, with different URLS. I just change the bookmark once, and I can stick to my habit of typing tel.

Same for energy etc and searching.

The only drawback (with all customized shortcuts): you’re lost the moment you use someone else’s computer.

Already here:

My link was to the github issues

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