Tab/Toolbar positioning in maximized mode

I, like a fair few other Firefox users (at least, I think) use Firefox maximized on it’s own screen. When it’s maximized like this, the tab bar is automatically set to be the title bar, saving on screen space. While I’m interested in Tab Center, currently enabling it when maximized moves the tabs over to the left, as expected, but leaves the window titlebar empty, rather than moving the main toolbar with navigation and the like up, meaning there’s dead space on the screen.

If possible, I think the main toolbar should move into the space the (now un-needed) tab bar vacated, to make the browsing experience more streamlined and to make better use of the available screen real-estate. As I already have tab groups functionality (with it’s requisite searching capability), this is the main sticking point for me as a user. Solve this issue, and I think you’ll have a convert on your hands.

Hmm, can you post some screenshots showing me what you mean? (I think I get it, but want to double-check… Oh, also, which operating system are you using? Windows? Mac? Linux?)


Actually, having just checked, the tab bar is always in the title bar, even when not maximized, at least on Windows 10.

Here’s what it looks like. Note the tab bar up at the very top of the window.

And this is with Tab Center enabled.

The titlebar space is empty and essentially wasted. It would be very nice if the main toolbar (underneath) could be moved up into this space when the tab bar is not present.

Yeah, that’s weird. I filed a new issue in Github to track it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: