Tb 78.x crashes upon importing VCF addressbook + corrupted non ANSI characters in contacts


First of all: mad kudos for developing Thunderbird and helping people out.


I’m trying to import my address books from a VCF export and I’m having two problems:

crash upon import

I start Thunderbird:

td@emerald:~$ thunderbird                                              
[calBackendLoader] Using Thunderbird's libical backend
console.debug: "Successfully loaded OpenPGP library librnp.so from /usr/lib/thunderbird/librnp.so"
Extension error: Error while loading 'jar:file:///usr/lib/thunderbird/omni.ja!/chrome/messenger/search-extensions/twitter/manifest.json' (NS_E
RROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) resource://gre/modules/Extension.jsm:570 :: readJSON/</<@resource://gre/modules/Extension.jsm:570:20
console.debug: "public keys: 0, secret keys: 0"
console.debug: "Successfully loaded optional OpenPGP library libgpgme.so.11 from system's standard library locations"
console.debug: "gpgme version: 1.13.1-unknown"
console.log: WebExtensions: STARTUP 
console.log: "QF-prefs"
console.log: WebExtensions: 78.7.1
console.log: (new Error("Cannot load required OTR library", "resource:///modules/OTRLib.jsm", 75))

I use the import wizard to add an address book (just the book, not emails or extra data):

*** WARNING! sometimes this shows results too early. 
    something screwy here. this used to work fine.
*** results = Imported address book peeps

I see this screen:

and when I click on Finish Thunderbird crashes and restarts:

console.log: WebExtensions: BootstrapLoader for tbsync@jobisoft.de unloaded!
console.log: WebExtensions: SHUTDOWN
console.log: WebExtensions: BootstrapLoader for eas4tbsync@jobisoft.de unloaded!
console.debug: "OverlayBackup"
console.debug: 546146.6559998989
console.debug: 604800
JavaScript error: chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/addressbook.js, line 556: TypeError: gDirectoryTreeView.getIndexForUID is not a funct

I reproduced this 3 times. Do the above errors suggest an issue with my plugins?

damaged names

When Tb does start up I see the contacts imported and they seem fine with the exception of non-ascii characters. I see them replaced with those rectangles with digits inside. Are those Unicode placeholders :thinking: ?

No, the affected characters are not Cyrillic (unlike suggested in this article):


I took a look inside the VCF files and the characters are all OK, so the server I exported them from did it’s job all right.

I’m using a Ubuntu Linux derivative (64-bit) and Thunderbird 78.7.1. Is anyone seeing similar issues? :thinking: If yes, perhaps a bug report would be in order?

Thank you!

See https://groups.google.com/g/mozilla.support.thunderbird/c/0P1uYGVzJf8

What version of vcard file?

You called it:


I managed to work around both issues by using CardBook. I created a local address-book that mimics the online one and from there it was just COPY and PASTE.

Seeing how the code will get a re-write, raising a bug report is probably overkill.

Thank you!