Tekin SP23 smart socket (tuya?) with Webthings gateway

Hi, I am new to this. I have tried getting my 2 teckin SP23 smart sockets working with Webthings gateway (instlled on Pi3). The gateway is unable to locate the smart sockets when i put them into pairing mode. I have done some googling and it looks like they may use Tuya API. I think I found something about it on github but now I am lost. (https://github.com/CrabeMan/tuya-adapter-mozilla-iot) Am i going down the correct route to get these smart sockets working with Webthings gateway?

Tuya devices are not officially supported right now (see issue). That add-on may be functional, but it has not been published to our add-on list. You could certainly try it out and try to prod the developer into publishing it!

Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to explain what makes it unsupported? Is it the language it communicates ? The sockets work with ‘Smart Life’ android app. After looking at the github page i liked to above I cant see how i would install the api to try it. Any ideas?

It’s unsupported in the fact that there is no published add-on which can communicate with those devices.

Could you file an issue against that add-on you linked to and see if the author would be willing to publish it, or could at least help you get it set up? It seems like there are some additional steps that are not typical of add-ons.

How would I go about creating my own add on for tuya devices? I would be willing to give it a go but not sure where to get started.

Here are some good resources:

In general, the easiest thing to do is to start from an existing add-on that somewhat matches your target device and modify it to suit your needs.