Experience with certain products or possible at all

Can someone tell me if there is any experience with the smart products listed on:
https://www.action.com/de-de/suche/?q=smart+lsc (German)
https://www.action.com/nl-nl/suche/?q=smart+lsc (Dutch)
These products are being sold at the shop “Action” in Europe. I can’t find any technical details about these products.
Is it possible to connect them with WebThing after using the app to connect it through wi-fi to the local network?

Hey! I am new to iot with low IT skills :slight_smile:
However, I was able to connect Smart wi-fi plug “Tp-Link HS110 (EU) ver 3.1” to WebThings and getting readings and control.

I connected plug to my network via tp-link app “Casa” and Scanned for new devices… in “Things Tab”

Any way, the price of the experiment with LSC product, looks not that big

I’m not sure about those devices. It doesn’t look like there is any integration with openHAB, Home Assistant, or Homebridge either, so you’d probably have to reverse engineer the protocol if you wanted to create an add-on for it.

LSC devices are based on the Tuya platform, see this Dutch article - https://nl.pepper.com/aanbiedingen/goedkope-smarthome-artikelen-works-with-amazon-alexa-en-google-assistant-at-action-111969

I also found more information about a Tuya api - https://github.com/codetheweb/tuyapi

This may help you in building an Add on.

Thanks for the responses.
Based on the info from @beejeedeb, is it hard for Mozilla IoT-team to build an API for WebThings?
I am willing to investigate, but at this moment I have no experience at all at building an API as for Python, so I need to start from scratch. Gonna buy one of the devices anyway to see what happens ‘out of the box’. Any guidance to build API’s is much appreciated.

Many people have asked for a Tuya add-on (see issue).

It’s not terribly difficult to create an add-on. We currently have add-ons written in Python and Javascript.

Here are some good resources:

The easiest thing to do is to take an existing add-on that is similar to what you’re building for and just modify it.

I bought a smart plug and set it up with the app. This all worked flawless. Then I tried to ‘find’ it on my network from my Mozilla-iOT, but to no avail so something needs to be built first.
It would be nice if these devices could be setup without the app, because the privacypolicy when setting up the account gives me the creeps.

> Information We Collect Automatically
> o   Device Information: When you interact with our Product, we automatically collect device information, such as the MAC address of your devices, IP address, wireless connection information, operating system type and version, application version number, push notification identifier, log files, and mobile network information.
> o   Usage Data: During your interaction with our Sites and Services, we automatically collect usage data relating to visits, clicks, downloads, messages sent/received, and other usage of our Sites and Services.
> o   Log information: When you use our app, the application and exception log may be uploaded.
> o   Location Information: We may collect information about your real-time precise or non-precise geo-location when you use our specific Products or Services, such as robot cleaner and weather service.

This is apart from giving them your SSID including password. There seem to be ways to hack them and access the devices without the app, but that is not quite user friendly and I saw reports that firmware updates would prevent such access.
Only a deep network scan would show what actually is going out.

Question: is it possible to access these devices from Mozilla-IOT if the api is available, without the use of the app?

It entirely depends on the API. Some devices have a local API, where you communicate directly with the device. Others, however, route the API through a cloud service. I’m just not sure which Tuya uses.