Test Pilot Sunsetting

What are the plans for sunsetting this test? I used Universal Search, and it was abruptly uninstalled. What will happen with any saved tabs if the test is finished???

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That’s a good question, and we’re working out how to handle it across experiments in general.

As for Snooze Tabs in particular: We’re currently backing up your set of snoozed tabs to a bookmarks folder called “Snoozed Tabs”. If you go to the Bookmarks menu in Firefox and hit “Show All Bookmarks”, you should be able to see that folder in there.

This is just a one-way mirror at the moment. If you drag any bookmarks into there, they’ll get clobbered the next time the set of snoozed tabs changes. The code deletes the folder and then re-creates it with the current set of snoozed tabs. That means it’s also not a permanent historical archive of tabs ever snoozed. So, when one wakes up, it will also disappear from this folder.

We don’t have any concrete graduation plans for Snooze Tabs yet beyond this, but we are trying to keep in mind that any work you’ve done with Snooze Tabs should be retained somehow after the experiment is over.