Thank you for your 2018 contributions

Hello Mozillians,

With this year approaching to its end, we would like to thank you for all the amazing contributions in the past year. With your amazing help, we showcased the power of community and helped Mozilla to reach every corner of the world. Mozilla’s Mission is more relevant than ever and it’s because we have people like you in our communities that we achieved so many things.

A great example of great contributions are last year campaigns, where thousands of people were mobilized worldwide to contribute to Mozilla’s mission:

  • In the Aadhaar campaign, 1659 Indians co-signed a letter with Mitchell Baker standing up for the privacy and security of all Indians
  • In the Common Voice sprint, in 7 days volunteers submitted more than 2600 new sentences in more than 30 languages.
  • In the Firefox Support Sprint, 431 volunteers replied to 2200, 1 and 2 star Firefox reviews on the Google Playstore - in 9 different languages.
  • In the Dark Funnel Funnel detective sprint volunteers from 51 countries reported information about 1129 unique dark funnel websites

Of course that’s just an example of all the work you have done. And in 2019 we would like to help you to do even more. For that reason we are committing to give you more contribution opportunities and build tools that will help you surface campaigns and activities based on your interests.

So here to a great 2018 and to more greatness lying ahead!

On behalf of the Community Development team



Great work, well done everyone!

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