Add-on disabled after >1y, 16 days without reply/action

No idea why this got disabled out of the blue (without email notice!), so didn’t find out before it was already disabled, and reviewers do not seem to take action on my response (waited 16 days).

The listing:

Users have been complaining here, and I’ve pasted the listing comments for transparency:

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Now I got a reply, but they say they can’t enable it again and want me to submit a new version?

Nothing is wrong with the latest one, and I don’t want to submit a new version (many reasons). Forcing me to do so seems super dumb and meaningless, just enable it again already.

There may be technical (or security) reasons and re-enabling may not be possible.

But you should be able to simply download existing version, unzip it, change version in the manifest file, zip it and upload it back.

Not trivial but still doable in less than 5 min.
You can download existing version from your dev panel:
Click your addon and then go to “Manage Status & Versions”.

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