The "Let's get everything working" working meeting

We’re so very close to starting the community sites migration and we’re going to have a working meeting to get the new Mesos clusters up and running. If you’re interested in learning how the community sites will be hosted and to help us out deploying the infrastructure, please respond to the doodle below. Everyone is welcome!


So what’s the verdict on this? I see there are two options, today and Thursday. Should we do it on Thursday to be sure everybody is aware of the poll results on time?

We’re going to meet tomorrow at 20:00 UTC. Everyone who responded to the Doodle should have an invite in their mailbox, and I’ll post the link to the Vidyo room here tomorrow.

I didn’t realize that this was in UTC and not my timezone. Thanks Doodle. I have class at that time, so I won’t be able to make it.

Did you not turn on timezone support for the Doodle poll? I assumed the times were in my local timezone as usual. I can’t make it then either.

I suggest we have as many community ops members as possible since it would also be a good opportunity to understand how the stack gets built.

@yousef What if we vote once again in a new doodle with local timezone enabled?

This one should support timezones (not sure why that’s not default, it’s the whole point of Doodle)

It looks like Thursday 31 March is the day that works for most of us.

@yousef I suggest we close the poll and send invitations so attendees have time to arrange their schedules.

Let’s get everything working meeting


  • @yousef did an introduction to the overall stack
  • AWS infra
  • Terraform description of the AWS instances that are going to be used
  • Ansible playbook
  • Software stack
  • We watched how to use terraform to build the infrastructure. Also we run terraform against AWS debugging some minor issues that came up at the last moment.
  • We built both staging/prod aws setup.
  • We run all ansible playbooks against staging/prod debugging some issues that came up.
  • Bamboo has been giving us a hard time to install, so we evaluated its usage and the errors that we kept having from day one and decided to use instead
  • consul
  • mesos-consul
  • consul-template

Pending items


We also spent some time while waiting for terraform/ansible to gathered some more info regarding our stack in a more public/easily accessible place:

There is a lot of room for improvement but it’s good to have something in the wiki.

Thanks to @tanner @axil42 @tristor for attending.

@tanner @yousef @axil42 @tristor feel free to add any further notes in case I skipped something.