The resigning of old add-ons

The automatic “re-signing” of old add-ons makes it difficult to see when an add-on was last updated. I bet a lot of those “newly updated” add-ons are so old that they doesn’t actually work or work properly?

Am I the only seeing this as a problem - or at least very annoying?


In my opinion old extensions should probably have been deleted if there was no one reacting on request to update them.

It is a missed change to get rid of a lot of “deadweight” in AMO :-/ …

I agree the update date should stay old. But at least the version says “resigned1” so you can still tell the addon is old.

But purging them would be probably too much :smiley:, there is many old and still working addons.
Plus the big purge will happen anyway happen when MV3 replaces MV2 :slight_smile:, hopefully not any time soon. Although it is happening pretty soon in Chrome store, I wonder how that will go…

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I know 79 active users isn’t a lot of humans, but they can be surprisingly passionate.

I just added a “Release Note” for the re-signed extension in case anyone is concerned that I’m sneaking in something new:

Re-signed by the Mozilla Add-ons site (no substantive changes).


The filter Sort by Recently Updated is incorrect:

  • First, there are extensions updated after Apr 26, 2024;
  • Then extensions updated before Apr 5, 2019 (and resigned);
  • And extensions updated between Apr 5, 2019 and Apr 26, 2024.


Perhaps we should keep the date of the last real update.