The Signing API can't download our addon

Hi Firefox Dev
Recently we found that the Signing API can’t download our addon, this is the API link we use, at the beginning We successfully signed and uploaded our addon (version is 10.0.43874). We can also download our addon directly in the next week, but after one week we cannot download our addon.
This is the error we returned when we tried to download addon: “error”: “No uploaded file for that addon and version.” It seems that the API cannot find the addon with version 10.0.43874 we have uploaded.
Then we tried to upload it again and returned the following error: “error”: “Version already exists. Latest version is: 10.0.43874.”
So in general, when uploading a new version of addon more than a week later, our API cannot find this version and cannot download it. Then when we try to upload again, the API returns that this version already exists.
Does our API have a new parameter representing the expiration time of addon?
This is the API we are trying to get the addon download link
Upload API

Please file an issue here with the details.