The x to close on each tab category

Is there a way to have the x on every tab to close with many many tabs open. Prior use to be able to use tab mix to do this feature but this addon is no longer available for the new versions of FF. It was easy to close tabs with one click rather than double click. it is possible using the addon Tabby but then this is a side bar that opens and is not there all the time.

When the tabs get below a certain width the X is removed. You can override that using custom style rules in a userChrome.css file. There’s help with that on

Some people also “middle-click” tabs to close them.

If it is the current tab, I use Ctrl+w (but I’m a keyboard person at heart).

thanks for the pointer, I was unaware of the middle click option. I like the keyboard too but sometimes gather too many tabs and need to close certain ones and now closing is one click per tab rather than 2.

Since legacy extensions were made obsolete in Firefox 57, users have posted numerous examples of userChrome.css code to show close buttons on inactive tabs. I’ve used a custom style rule to show the close button on hover, which is good most of the time but sometimes I click it accidentally when switching tabs, so I don’t usually recommend this. Anyway, some userChrome.css code is a possible workaround for now.