Good add-on to smartly close tabs?

Hi, I am in the consumer side fo add-on topic but I hope I can get help nonetheless:
I have many tabs open at once. like 3k tabs, so its a lot.
And even if I have closed almost all of them, I manage to accumulate a ton of them again in just a few days.

so to say I need to close a ton of tabs every now and then.
and here is the problem:
on top right, clicking the down arrow, you see all tabs as a top down menu.
what I see there is enough for me to see which tabs can be closed.
like, for example, I can directly see, that this certain tabd and the next 40 tabs could all be closed.

but can I do that easily?
cause there aint even an x to close a tab in that list, let alone close mutiples at once.
(no, right clicking each tab and searching “close tab” among devastating options like “close everything left or right” is a pain and burden and not easy at all)

cause what I instead have to do:
open the first “obsolete” tab.
sotab getds loaden, we wait.
tab is loaded, press the super small x up in that horizontal tab abr at the toop (the normal tab thing, you know what I mean).
after clicking said x, that tab clsoes, the one right of it gets open and loaded.
we wait for it to load, hoping firefox doesnt freeze.
click the x.
tab closes, next tab gets loaded.

so ALWAYS have to wait fpr a tab just to kill it of.
with a chance, due to loading stuff using ressources, firefox freezing.

and, if you dont have the right “click frequency”, instead of the tab closing, the damn firefox window changes from maximized to minized.
so gotta maximize that little sh it again and back to the painful “close tab-load tab” back and forth.
takes a while to close 40 tabs that way, you dont wanna imagine how long closing like 1000-2000 tabs takes.

My problem is probably very “first world problem” like, but still a huge pain in the a…

so I have looked into extensions that could help me manage my tabs better (aka making closing selected tabs easier).

however I found nothing useful.
I dont wanna “group” tabs or give them sweet little clored flags or such bullsh…
and I couldnt give lesss fs if you show me the mess in tree style instead of normal style.

I am actually very pleased with the normal vertical lsit you can get by clicking the top right down-arrow.
it jsut lacks (ANY) functionality to close abs (especially without having to load a tab jsut to close it).

in that dropdownlist style, jsut add an x next to each tab and maybe gives the option to select/mark tabs by clicking them (or selecting specific 40 consecutive tabs) or such.

you know, the stuff how you can work with files in folders.

anyways I am searching for an addon that gives me such functionalities.
the firefox standard dropdownlsit is already usefull, jsut lacking the tab closing functionality I desperately need.

Anyone got any idea for a good addon to recommend?

Edit: Oh and for the record: “just close everything at the end of the session” isnt an option as sprinkled among that mess of tabs are many tabs that I wanna keep open.
handpicking them isnt a problem, closing everything else is.