Theme .jpgs and .pngs not accepted

My finished themes report an error of unaccepted file extension. They are .jpgs and .pngs.

Hi @itsme, sorry to hear you’re having trouble! What are you using to build your themes and where are you trying to upload them to?

My themes are ok and my Pocket entries are good. My bookmarks never were applied to my FF account. How can I transfer them?

This article should help:

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for the response. I followed the directions and chose my .json file. FF said that it would override the other new bookmarks. So I clicked to have them do that, but nothing happened. They were never imported.

I use Paint Shop Pro. I was able to upload one theme, but FF wouldn’t accept any more. They all were either .pngs or .jpgs.

I’ve tried over and over again to install my Grey theme to no avail. It is a 3000x200px .jpg image. The error I get is: The file should be in .xml, .zip, .crx. .tar, etc. It tells me that my .jpg filetype is unrecognized!

Are you “submitting” a theme, or creating one? Because it sounds like you’re trying to submit a theme. Submitted themes aren’t just an image, they’re a bundle of files describing the entire appearance.

Creating one. I’ve been able to get a few on so far. I’m using one of my own right now: “Biker Chick.”