Although I want to register the "theme image" I made, an error message is displayed and I can not register it

When I tried to register the “theme image” I made earlier, the following error message was displayed and I could not register it.

Theme image for “theme.images.theme_frame” could not be found in the package

After this, I do not know what kind of solution it is best to take.
Is there a problem with the “theme image” you tried to register?

By the way, the account registered with my Firefox is “”.

Did you create your own .zip file for the theme? The error indicates that something with the path within that zip is wrong.

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Thank you for answering my question.

Did you create your own .zip file for the theme?
I have never used a .zip file to create and upload Firefox theme images, and I have not used it.
But the displayed error message “does indicate that the one with the path in that zip is wrong”.
I’m confused by an unexpected error message.

The profile image I used in this community was also created with the same image software, and I was able to upload it without any problems.

The other day I answered my question right away and thank you again.
Thanks to your advice, I was able to publish the theme image without any problems.

Up until now, I used my own image file to go directly from the “Create a version of the theme” item on this page, registered the theme image file and its contents, and completed the creation, so using the zip file is once There was not even.

However, when I examined variously based on your advice, I found that it is necessary to set the theme image and details through “Firefox Color”, and when I tried it by groping, I made a zip file according to your advice. As a result of the file verification test conducted on this page, there were no problems, and eventually we successfully released the theme image.

For me, it was a long three days, including the time for making illustrations, but it was very rich for me in three very dense days.

I’m really thankful to you! !

While you are busy, I am sorry to be sending emails many times.

I will send the information on the “theme image” to be attached to the e-mail I sent earlier (April 29, 2019, 16:56).

I hope this will be helpful for the solution.

This problem was resolved with the following thread: “Although I want to register the" theme image "I made, an error message is displayed and I can not register it”.

Thank you very much.

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