Thunderbird freezes and I have to force quit

I work on a MacBook Pro. I have used Thunderbird for about 15 years. Suddenly, lately, it freezes frequently, with a spinning blue disc or a spinning rainbow disc, and I have to force quit. Would this have anything to do with capacity? I have a lot of folders now of stored emails, after 15 years of using it for business. Could the freezing relate to that? I have tried to delete as much as I can. But the problem continues. I have read through similar complaints here and but I am still not clear what causes it and what to do about it.

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I’m having the same exact experience. I would LOVE some insight as to how to make this stop - I end up force quitting Thunderbird multiple times a day and it’s concerning (and frustrating).

Is this happening on the Mac when you send mail?

I also have daily freezes on my MacBookPro since I upgrades to MacOS 10.15.1. This is NOT associated with sending emails. The incoming activity bar shows no activity such as incoming mail but that could be because it is frozen.

Freezes permanently, as in it doesn’t recover within 5-15 minutes?