Topic lists

In starting some documentation for Discourse, I noticed that there are more topic lists available than we are currently using:

  • Latest: All topics, in order of last activity.
  • New: Here, only topics considered new will be listed. (Logged-in only)
  • Unread: Here, only topics considered unread will be listed. (Logged-in only)
  • Starred: Only topics that you have starred will be listed. (Logged-in only)
  • Read: Topics in the order that you last read them. (Logged-in only)
  • Posted: Topics in the order they were first posted. (BROKEN)
  • Categories: Overview of the categories in the forum.
  • Top: The most active topics in the last day, week, month, and year.

Do we want to use starred? This seems like something web based users would want.

Posted is apparently broken, so obviously we don’t want to use that.

Read doesn’t necessarily seem compelling either, but maybe someone else has a use-case?