Trying to find a replacement for "QuietURL"

(Darkeforce) #1

I really depended on the Addon, “QuietURL” before WebExtentions made it inoperative. I’ve tried a dozen different alternatives, including Header Editor, HTTP Headers Customize, ModHeader, Modify Header Value, Simple-Modify-Headers, and even the external utility, “Proxomitron”, but in every case, either what I want to do is not possible, instructions for how to create rename rules are either absent or hopelessly obscure and confusing, or the GUI itself is completely baffling.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is auto-fix purposely obfuscated links; specifically, some of the sites I go to require URLs to have the http:// or https:// prefix changed to “hxxp://” or “hxxps://”. With QuietUrl, I was able to do that quickly and simply, without needing to learn about RegEx or Header Terms and Definitions. Simple wildcard replacements were all that was needed.

If someone can revive QuietURL for Firefox Quantum 65, that would be my idea solution, but I could really use help on finding someone else and how to set it up to do exactly as I described above if QuietURL can’t come back.

Please and Thank-You.

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Bumping this post to hopefully get a response.

(jscher2000) #3

Maybe there is a simpler extension (or user script) to find hxxp in links in the page and fix them to http.

(Darkeforce) #4

I’ve been looking for something just likke that, but I haven’'t found anything. I wish someone would just fork the original QuietURL and see if they can make it compatible with WebExtensions. It was a simple, easy-to-use interface that didn’t bog things down with RegEx.