Turning on Basa (bas)

I would like to request that Common Voice be turned on for Basa (bas).

Thank you

Content : I am writing to kindly request that Basa (bas) be turned on and added to the Pontoon

Title: Turning on Basa
Delete in: on month

  1. What Mozilla product are you hoping to localise? Keep in mind that
    Firefox desktop is a rather large project which can potentially take a long
    time for a full localisation to ship.

Common Voice

  1. Which language code should be used? (ISO-639-1, ISO-639-3, country code).


  1. How many plural forms are in the language? To give an example,
    how would you translate the following phrases:

    • 0 rocks, tɔ̀ ŋgɔ̀k tɔ̀ yàda
    • 1 rock, ŋgɔ̀k yàda
    • 2 rocks, màŋgɔ̀k mâ
    • 3 rocks, màŋgɔ̀k maa
    • *4 rocks *; màŋgɔ̀k manâ
    • 5 rocks; màŋgɔ̀k mátân
    • 10 rocks, jǒm li ŋgɔ̂k
    • 20 rocks, mòm mâ ma maŋgɔ̀k
    • 100 rocks, mbogôl màŋgɔ̀k
    • 1000 rocks, hìkóó hi máŋgɔ̀k
    • I see 0 rocks on the ground,mɛ̀ ńtɛ̄hɛ̄ ɓe mɛ̂ tɔ̀ ŋgɔ̀k yàdá hīsī
    • I see 1 rock on the ground,mɛ̀ ńtɛ̄hɛ̄ ŋgɔ̀k yàda hīsī
    • I see 10 rock on the ground,mɛ̀ ńtɛ̄hɛ̄ jom li maŋgɔ̀k hīsī
    • I see rocks on the ground,mɛ̀ ńtɛ̄hɛ̄ maŋgɔ̀k hīsī
  2. Are you hoping to localise alone or do you have friends that will join
    you? For sustainability of the localisation (because we’re always releasing
    new versions of Firefox products that will need localising), we’d prefer to
    only ship new locales that have more than one person sustaining them.

There are many people in the community who will participate. Basa is a community of approximately 300 000 speakers.

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