Unable to submit new Add-on

Uploading my add-on using the submission form doesn’t work. It always says

No install.rdf or manifest.json foundAdd-on missing manifest.```

But my manifest.json contains all mandatory keys and has all the entries as using `jpm`.

Just can't figure it out....

jpm is for SDK add-ons, for which you need to have a package.json.

If you want to write a WebExtension with a manifest.json, you need to use the web-ext tool (also on npm) to pack your extension.

Thank you very much. I managed to upload the add-on using web-ext. Nevertheless, firefox now says the .xpi would be damaged. Any thoughts why that could be?

Furthermore, this also occurs if I download the example projects from github and upload them to AMO.

If you upload an add-on for signing, you need to download it first in order to install it. The links on AMO aren’t mean for direct installation, only download.

Thanks. I managed to upload v1.0 and v1.1 using web-ext sign. Now I’m trying to update to v1.2 and web-ext sign always gives me Error: Got a 404 response when downloading https://addons.mozilla.org/api/v3/file/...

What could this be?

I’m not sure why you would get that. I would need the add-on ID or URL in order to give it a look.

I packaged my extension two different ways:

• Using zip -r which comes with macOS
• Using the crxmake tool provided by Google for packaging Chrome extensions.

Upon submitting, both gave the same error as described in the original post in this topic. After reading this topic, I installed and tried web-ext. It produced a .zip containing the exact same four files as zip -r did (exactly the same, I compared them with diff). But the ˆ.zipproduce byweb-ext` submitted with no errors.

The only difference I can see between the two .zips is that, when , unzipped, the zip product unzips to a folder named BookMacsterSync, but the web-ext product unzips to a folder named bookmacster_sync-25.zip Folder.

Is that unzipped folder name the significant factor which causes the submitter to succeed or fail? If so, is not the submitter is giving a completely misleading error message?

A common problem with add-on packaging is that if you include the containing directory, the XPI won’t work. The manifest must be at the root of the package.

Thank you, Jorge. Yes, I was zipping the parent folder.

(Doing it the correct way also avoids those stupid .DS_Store files in macOS, I now recall.)