URGENT EU activism action (Yes this affects the UK too!) [before June 20, 2018]

[MEGATHREAD] I can not express enough how important this action is for the health of the Internet. The EU have a Directive going to the vote on June 20, and if you do any of the following it would impact YOU:

Share Links
Live Stream
Share Code
Upload Files to the Cloud
Use Discussion Platforms
… and much more!

Email, Call, or Tweet your EU representative before 20th June! This will take just a few minutes of your time. Please please take action and quickly share in your networks.


In social networks, look for hashtags: #Article13, #SaveYourInternet, #ChangeCopyright - and consider amplifying the message.

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United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression:



Article 13 coverage begins around 1/3 of the way down the page. https://www.politico.eu/article/politico-pro-morning-tech-ai-in-uk-security-spotlight-copyright-showdown/

“Translated into practical terms, this means that sites with major holdings of material uploaded by users will be required to filter everything before allowing it to be posted. The problems with this idea are evident. It represents constant surveillance of people’s online activities on these sites, with all that this implies for loss of privacy. False positives are inevitable, not least because the complexities of copyright law cannot be reduced to a few algorithmic rules that can be applied automatically. That, and the chilling effect it will have on people’s desire to upload material, will have a negative impact on freedom of expression and undermine the public domain.”


“The European Union’s proposed new copyright directive threatens freedom of expression, collaboration, and diversity online. We urge the European Parliament and the Council to oppose mandatory upload filters that would impair free knowledge and innovation on the internet.”


and another from Wikimedia…

"Even in its amended version, this proposed directive would require that websites with large amounts of user uploaded content add mandatory upload filters. What this means is that websites would be required to have algorithms check all user uploads against a database of content and block those that are detected as infringing copyrights from appearing online.

We are very concerned about potential impacts that the proposal would have on Wikipedia, which largely addresses infringing content through community mechanisms. Such proposals put too much weight in the power of technologies for automatic content detection—be it artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, or hash-based file identification—without considering the impact on human-driven models of content moderation."


5 Page [PDF] legal interpretation from EDRI calls out this specific Article 13’s ambiguity. (I additionally note this likely holds grave concern for DECENTRALISED social platforms)