Validator hanging when submitting new version of extension

After completing the upload of my extension, the status message changes to "Validating " and then seems to hang. This step usually takes less than a minute. I’ve tried a few times, and waited ten minutes or more.

Is anyone else having trouble submitting an update?


There are several people experiencing this issue, and we’ve requested help via Uploading a new addon or updating the existing addon stucks at validating … maybe you could add your issue there, too?


This is happening to me, too! Won’t go any further than validating…

The issue was resolved for me as of 2023-04-09 at about 4:30PM (UTC-4, US EDT). Perhaps the issue is intermittent. In any case, I won’t be following this until the next time I want to do an update, which will probably be in a week or two.