Vimar smart socket + energy meter

Hi everyone,
I have been using the gateway since quite a long time now and it’s great; simple but powerful.
I recently added a new batch of smart sockets to my home and they work flawlessly as that; but they also have a power meter, which gives the current energy drain from the socket, and this is not displayed in the gateway.
I understand that this is a different kind of device and I would probably need to add something custom to make it work, but where would I start with it?
It uses the zigbee protocol, so I think I will have to leverage the zigebee addon, but what would I need to create the new type of device? Basically I need to tell the gateway that this thing has two properties instead of one; also I would need to double check that this new property is actually adverised in zigbee (it works in bluetooth mode), how can I do that?
I am ok to do programming if needed, but I woulkd need some guidance to take the right track.

Hi @riccardo.cossu,

The SmartPlug schema for WebThings does have an InstaneousPowerProperty if that’s what you’re looking for, and some smart plugs do display that information in the gateway UI.

What is the brand and model of the smart sockets you have added? It may be that the Zigbee add-on is not classifying them correctly. If so, then you could file an issue at and someone may be able to help.

yeah, thanks, it is actually decteded as On/Off Switch, which it is not correct; I will check the precise model out and file an issue to the addon