Voting for Mozillian of the Month, April (end 5/26 15:00 UTC)

Hi Mozillians,

It’s time to sharing the story of great Mozillians, and voting to find out who is our next Mozillian of the Month for April.

We have two candidates this month, please read their stories, and Like the post if you support the Mozillian for the monthly honor. The nominees who had the most Likes on May 26 (15:00 UTC), will become our Mozillian of April!


  1. Q: Who can vote?
    A: All mozillian is welcome to participate.

  2. Q: Can we vote more than one candidate?
    A: Yes, you can vote all of them if you want.

On behalf of Mozilla Reps Council

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1st candidate,

Allen Wang nominated by Irvin Chen

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2nd candidate,

Andrea Urbinati nominated by Daniele Scasciafratte

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The final score is…

Allen Wang - 17
Andrea Urbinati - 8

Please join us to congratulating Allen Wang as Mozillian of the Month!

(screenshot as of 5/27 2:00 UTC)