Wake up Interval

Hi all,

Could someone please help explain what’s going off with my setup.

I’ve just run everything up. My Devolo stats are on my upstairs rads, downstairs nothing fitted yet.

I set them to 4c until my downstairs rads started to warm up.

Then I set the temperature of each one of my devolo smart rads to 22. The room temp was about 17c.

But, I altered the target time on the first one, came out of the setting and moved onto the next sat and adjusted that.

When I’d done that one, the first was still reading 4c, it had not changed.

They all did this, so I kept going into the WebThings UI and changed the temperature again to 22c.

At this point there was something else going off, so I left it there.

I came back in about 15 mins of not touching anything ( ie trying to change the target temperature) and they had all changed. So it works, but there’s a dwell between setting the temperature and the smartvalve adjusting itself. So my question is this;

Is this “normal behaviour” and does the wake up Interval have any bearing on this.

Talking of the wake up Interval, does this mean I need to set the wake up Interval to the minimum number of seconds, in my case it’s 60s.

Sorry if this is something I should know, but in the user manual it talks about this, but not in the way I’m asking the question so I’m a little confused. Hope someone can help. Thanks again A

I’m not exactly sure how to help with this question because it seems specific to these particular devices, which aren’t listed as being known to be supported (though it sounds like they might be).

It is certainly true that Zigbee end devices (battery powered devices which are neither a co-ordinator or router) will often go to sleep for extended periods of time to conserve battery, and therefore there may be a time delay before they receive instructions.

If you view the developer logs at Settings > Developer > View Internal Logs you may be able to spot some clues as to what’s going on.

Another great bit of information!!
You’ve helped enough for me to workout what to do next. So I can move on a little more, which is a PLUS, so thanks bfrancis, again it’s very much appreciated :+1: