Weekly Call 14-07-2016


  • Thursday July 14th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Call for proposals - MozFest (Kristina Gorr)
  2. Participation @ MozFest
  3. Events - @franc
  4. Council updates - @mkohler
  5. Regional Coaches
  6. Some Social Media updates

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

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Raw notes can be found here.


  1. Hi! My name is Prathamesh and I’m from Pune, India. The last cool thing I heard about was a drone chasing a Pokemon. :D+1
  2. Hi my name is Irvin and I’m from Taiwan, the last cool thing is Apollo mission’s source been published on github
  3. Hi my name is Francisco, and I am from Madrid. The last cool thing I heard about was lollipop with a bubble gum inside
  4. Hi my name is Christos and I am from Greece. The last cool thing I heard about was Firefox on Rust engine! D:
  5. Hi my name is Konstantina and I am from Greece. The last cool thing I’ve heard is Pokemon Go (don’t judge I am obsessed)
  6. Hi my name is Kristina and I am from San Diego, California. The last cool thing I heard about are these super cool coding blocks: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/teach-kids-steam-with-hands-on-coding-blocks#/
  7. Hi my name is Christophe and i am from Paris in France, The last cool thing about I drew up lint (toys) elePHPant PHP
  8. Hi My name is Stefan AKA Costenslayer and I’m from the UK (the non Europe UK :P)
  9. Hi! my name is Manel from Tunisia. The last good thing I heard about is the Regional coaching program for that I joined the Call \o/
  10. Brian dialing in from Berlin today, The last cool tech ideas I heard were related to IoT solutions for the elderly and sick
  11. Hi my name is Trishul and I m from India. The last cool thing (actually doing right now) is building up automatic garden system using arduino :slight_smile:
  12. Hi my name is Abhilash and I am from Hyderabad, India.
  13. Hi my name is Ganesh and I am from Long Mountain, Mauritius. The last cool thing I heard about Arduino: https://programmingelectronics.com/mj_lorton
  14. Hi my name is Ioana and I am currently at a Music Festival near Cluj, Romania - Latest cool think - my RFID bracelet that I am using to pay things here at the festival.

Shout outs! Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they wil be tweeted after the meeting)

  • Daniele Scasciafratte for all his awesome work helping move Reps forward
  • Brazilian community for their incredible work at FISL (pictures here!: https://flickr.com/#/photos/mozillabrasil/)
  • Christos for offering him today to be the chair-man
  • Prathamesh for offering to be the note takers
  • Ioana who is so dedicated that is joining from a mountain
  • Nuke and Guillermo for helping with the Reps Regional Coaches
  • To our community spaces who are running events all month long (especially to Irvin and Bob for their efforts in Taipei, averaging over 20 events a month)
  • Stefan and Tom for their Sensorweb installations in London : https://costenslayer.com/blog/sensorweb.html

Chair: Christos
Notetakers: Konstantina and Prathamesh
Github issue: https://github.com/mozilla/Reps/issues/52

TOPIC 1 - Call for proposals - MozFest (Kristina Gorr)

TOPIC 2 - Participation @ MozFest ( Ioana, Francisco, Priyanka, Brian)

  • Call for applications will open soon in a couple of minutes URL to come… https://mzl.la/applytomozfest2016
  • Around 20 sponsored volunteers
  • Rather than having a Participation space (as last year), we will instead be spreading core Mozillians around MozFest, embedded within other spaces.
  • Each Space Wrangler to define volunteer roles they would want filled for their space by Mozillians
  • The call is different than the call for nominations from the previous topic. If you get your topic accepted doesn’t mean you will get sponsored by the participation team
  • The spaces are 10 and they are in the application form
  • We are gathering information about the spaces
  • The spaces wranglers will be involved in the applications
  • Spaces: Digital Arts and Culture, Localisation, Open Science, Journalism, Moz Ex (art exhibit), A Tale of Two Cities: Dilemmas of Connected Spaces, Demystify the Web (Mozilla Learning Space), Open Badges, Youth Zone, Fuel the Movement
  • Is the application open for non Reps or non Moziliians? Is it open to anyone?
  • Right now it is open for Mozillians. core Mozillians

TOPIC 3 - Regional Coaches (Daniele Scasciafratte)

  • Our goal with this is to have a group of 1-2 people per region (group of countries in the same area/region) that can act as coaches and bring back to the Council local insights about what’s going on, needs, concerns, feedback, ideas and others from local communities in their region, as well as provide guidance on what are the focus initiatives for Mozilla right now and coaching on how to better handle local communities.
  • This is not a decision making position, it’s a role to help, support and empower local communities from the Reps program. This is a rotational role that will be renewed each 6 months. This call is open for any Rep or Participation Leader.
  • Role Description
  • Develop a clear view of local communities status, problems, needs.
  • Help local communities surface any issues or concerns.
  • Provide guidance/coaching on Mozilla’s goals to local communities.
  • Run regular checkins with communities and volunteers in the region.
  • Coordinate with the rest of regional coaches on a common protocol, best practices.
  • Be a bridge between communities in the same region.
  • This role is not a power structure nor a decision maker, it just helps the communities in the region.
  • Logistic commitment
  • At least 5h per week to devote to this task.
  • Have a max of 72h response time to communications.
  • Be able to meet (audio/video) with regional communities and others.
  • RELEVANT LINKS: All your answers are here! -->
    * Application form (close 20 July)

TOPIC 4 - Social Media updates - Ioana - Read only

  • Snapchat account @firefoxhq
  • Instagram: @mozilllagram
  • First take over from a community - Mozilla Slovenia - brought 600 engagements and increased the following by 10%
  • Get involved:
  • Follow @Mozillagram on Instagram & support our teams and communities as they share their stories
  • Contact Sierra Reed (sreed at mozilla.com) to coordinate a takeover for your next event!
  • Two new mediums:
  • Tech (https://medium.com/mozilla-tech) targets developers and other web builders/advocates that will help us showcase what we’re working on and thinking about, make it easier to talk about things at earlier stages, and explain why that work is important to the web and to developers. Mozilla already communicates a lot about consumer-facing products, but we want to talk more about the underlying technologies and the bigger discussions they affect (our mission, impact on the web, etc).
  • Open Innovation (https://medium.com/mozilla-open-innovation) targets entrepreneurs, startups, academic researchers and natural allies in new areas for Mozilla. As the Internet touches more aspects of our lives, Mozilla’s interests will also broaden, and we will need to connect our thinking with like-minded individuals, organizations and movements around the world. We’ll also showcase how Mozilla is approaching open product explorations, bringing in more diverse perspectives into the project and prototyping new methods of collaboration.
  • Get Involved
  • Are you working on a technology that you think we should be talking about more loudly? Have you published anything on a personal blog that you’d like shared to more people? Are you working on a new product area that you want to publicise? We can help - and please note that having a post on an official Medium publication doesn’t preclude you from also blogging yourself, or even cross-posting the same content. Both publications are available to anyone that has a communications need in these spaces. Everyone is invited!
  • If you have any questions or topic ideas for the Tech publication please reach out to: devmarketingdt at mozilla.com
  • For the Open Innovation publication, please contact pfinch at mozilla.com.
  • Share the WebCompatibility tweetshttps://twitter.com/firefox/status/750780461010477056

TOPIC 5 - Featured Future Events (Francisco)

  • MozConnect with OWASP (Gandhinagar, India) 16th
  • Introduction to Rust (Makati City, Philippines) 16th
  • Mozilla Cagliari Developer Day (Cagliari, Italy) 16th
  • Firefox Coding Event (Pune, India) 19th

TOPIC 6 - Council updates

  • Most of our call was dedicated to a call with the Indonesian community about their mid term plan
  • Meeting with George about the planning of Reps and Participation team on the next half of the year
  • It was a generic meeting and we are going to have a follow up work
  • We are mainly focusing on Reps Next



Thanks @Ioana for sharing :smiley: