Weekly Call 03-11-2016

Another Thursday, another call :smiley:


Thursday November the 3rd, 16:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video


Weekly call details:



  • Mozilla identity and access management ️
  • Equal Rating Innovation Challenge
  • Mozfest 2016
  • Reps/Regional Updates
  • Featured Events
  • Council updates

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

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Raw notes here.


  1. Amit Kumar Jaiswal / @ AMIT_GKP
  2. Christos from Greece, @ bacharakis and Sherlock
  3. Robby From Dallas, @ rtsayles XFiles :slight_smile:
  4. Harsha Bandaru, @ harsshhaa. The Big Bang Theory :wink:
  5. Dinesh Mv, @ dinesh_mv. My fav. GEEKY Tv Series is Big Bang Theory
  6. Laka from London, @ lakatos88, Stargate SG1
  7. Konstantina from Greece, @ couci, my fav geeky tv series is chuck
  8. Daniele from Italy, @ Mte90net, it is a difficult question
  9. Henrik Mitsch, @ hmitsch, The IT Crowd (Have you tried to turn it off and on again?)
  10. Vigneshwer from India @ dvigneshwer Sherlock
  11. Guillermo, my twitter handle is @ deimidis and my favorite geeky TV series is Battlestar Galactica
  12. Francisco, @ francjp, Favorite TV serie is The Avengers (the original one, with Dianna Rigg, the same actress you can find in GoT)
  13. Ruben @ nukeador Battlestar Galactica is my favorite one, of course (Firefly would be the second) good one! so say we all Nuke
  14. Mijanur Rahman @ mijanur_rayhan . My favorite geeky TV series is Mr Robot.
  15. Bahy Mohamed @ __bahy
  16. Rosana @ rosanardila, favorite TV series: El chavo del ocho <- WUT? Geeky tv show! (+1 by Henrik!!)
  17. Irvin, @ irvinfly favorite series: Star Trek
  18. Yuli @ tuxxy my favorite series: Mr. Robot
  19. Semirah, @ semirahd, Big Bang Theory
  20. Dyvik from India

Shout outs!

  • All MozFest Space Volunteers, and everyone who attended the event, gave a talk, participate, etc.
  • Big #mozlove to Faye who instead of being at MozFest as planned, stayed with a sick Mozillian in London to make sure they got treatment and started on the road to recovery
  • Semirah Dolan, who joined Emma Irwin in Houston to run a session that build a VR activity for Campus Clubs, and who truly leads by example — student leadership and activism in open source
  • Safwan Rahman, who (no exaggeration) saved Emma’s day, by pulled together a Python project, working with me to the last minute to get it right at Grace Hopper Open Source Day.
  • Edoardo for the amazing poster in Mozfest about campus https://www.instagram.com/p/BMMAQ2Phm00/?taken-by=mozillagram
  • Kudo, RaRa, Ina, Bob Reyes, Yofie, Brian and Irvin for live streaming MozFest and connecting session in Tokyo, Taipei, Jakarta & Manila space last Sat. night, watch the photos > https://twitter.com/hashtag/MozFestAsia

TOPIC 1 - Mozilla identity and access management ️- Henrik

TOPIC 2 - ERIC (equal rating innovation challenge) ️- Rosana Ardila (a blast from the past --> from the Future!!!)

  • Surfacing the solutions that will connect people to the open web
  • There is not going to be one solution that will solve all the problems but different solutions will help up tackle to different issues
  • We are offering mentoring and financial prices for the first 5 winners
  • The type of solutions we are looking for can vary
  • 4 areas
  • Infrastructure
  • affordability
  • skills, awarenesses & cultural acceptance
  • local adoption &use
  • As a Rep let the world know about equal rating
  • Identify people or communities/groups who work on interesting projects/have ideas and apply for it
  • Check the website, it contains all the info you need and resources
  • Will there be mentoring opportunities even if someone is not a finalist?
  • if we see that are interesting projects with potentials we will help the projects to move forward even if they don’t make to the finalist
    RELEVANT LINKS: equalrating.com

TOPIC 3 - Mozfest - Mozfest volunteers (Priyanka, Daniele, Vigneswer, Ramimba and many more)

TOPIC 4 - Featured Future Events - Francisco

TOPIC 5 - Reps/Regional Team Updates

  • Arabic CG happened, report coming soon
  • Mexico CG - preparations continue
  • Results from Budget survey will be ready tomorrow
  • Reps SOPs wiki pages are being updated (Kiki is the master there)
  • Also Swag request form received an update (thank you Kiki)
  • Second round of Coach training begun yesterday
  • When is the Mexico community gathering?
  • Are applications open for new Reps? And will they be reviewed within the pre-ordained time period (3-4 weeks)?? Previously there was a huge gap between the reviewing time for new Rep applications, hence the reason for asking this question.
  • Council ask for a little more patience here, yes, new applications will be open in the near future, but still the queue is long and we need to onboard the current queue.

TOPIC 6 - Council updates - Laka

  • Improve Outgoing Communication - https://goo.gl/forms/Pu3uIA0s9xcPdvsh2
  • We think that it is important to make sure Reps know about the things happening in Participation and any decisions the council makes. We want to use the right ways to communicate our information.
  • Please complete this short survey to let us know what is important to you and how you like us to communicate with you. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and any information you provide will not be shared with anybody outside the Council.
  • Q4 OKRs Draft
  • Working on a proposal around Recognition
  • Updating Reps Applications

NON-VERBAL UPDATES (ie: you can’t attend but want to share something)

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