Weekly Call 15-09-2016


  • Thursday September 15th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. Council elections (@ioana-chiorean)
  2. EU Community Gathering (@deimidis and @brianking )
  3. Campus program - (@lucyeoh)

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!


Raw notes can be read here.


  1. Hi my name is Dyvik and I am from India
  2. Hi my name is Amine Zaafouri and I am from Tunisia
  3. Heyo, This is Ram from India :slight_smile: I loved Dive into Rust activity in activateMozilla campaign.
  4. Hi. this is Ioana from Romania. My favorite activity from activate.mozilla.community is Support the future Mozilla Web engine . Looking forward to be available!
  5. Hola, I’m Rubén from Spain. My favorite activity is Dive into Rust!
  6. Hello, my name is Gašper and I’m from Slovenia. My favorite activity from Mozilla are Maker party events.
  7. Hello, I’m Guillermo from Argentina (now in Berlin). My favorite activity is the test pilot one
  8. Hi, my name is KaiRo, and I’m from Austria. My favorite Activate Mozilla activity is Defend Internet Privacy and Policy (coming soon)
  9. Hey there! I’m Hugo from Bolivia. My favorite activity is Dive into Rust.
  10. Hello, I’m Liv from Hungary. My favorite activity is Support the future Mozilla Web engine (coming soon).
  11. Hello! I’m Prathamesh and I am from Pune, India. I am still in the learning process!
  12. Hello my name is Sierra and I am from San Francisco. My favorite activity from the Activate community is Rust! I just learned so much more about it and can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that will come from the communities.
  13. Vigneshwer From Coimbatore India.Getting addicted to rust and contributing to web compat
  14. Hello my name is Md Atique Ahmed Ziad and I am from Bangladesh.
  15. Hello my name is Jb and i am from Uganda
  16. Hi my name is Anonymous
  17. Hi I am harsha bandaru from hyderabad

Shout outs!
Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they will be tweeted after the meeting)

  • #mozlove to Flore Allemandou, Michael Kohler, Alex Lakatos and Adriano Cupello and congrats for the new role they are in!
  • Big Thank you and #mozlove to Christos Bacharakis, Shahid Farooqui and Arturo Martinez for their hard work during their term as Reps Councils Members.
  • #MozLove to Ioana for taking care of the whole process for the council elections
  • Thanks to all the mozillians that participate at European Community Gathering this past weekend as well as Brian and Guillermo for organizing it! +100
  • And to all Volunteers that helps on ViewSource conference!
  • Guillermo and Brian for driving the EU Community gathering
  • #MozLove to Ioana for taking over Mozillagram for over a week. She received some of the best engagement and did our first set of Instagram stories from View Source. #clap

TOPIC 1 - Council Elections - Ioana

  • 1 Spot Council from Cohort
  • Flore Allemandou - 394
  • Elio Qoshi -374
  • Daniele Scasciafratte - 354
  • Mijanur Rahman Rayhan - 275
  • 3 Spots in Council from Mentors
  • Michael Kohler - 685
  • Alex Lakatos - 512
  • Adriano Cupello - 471
  • Mohammed Migdadi - 440
  • Anup Kumar Mishra - 422
  • Hossain Al Ikram - 421
  • Next Steps: https://github.com/mozilla/Reps/issues/71
  • For any feedback, questions or clarifications about Elections don’t hesitate to write to the peers : reps-peers@mozilla.com


TOPIC 2 - Campus Program - Lucy

  • Lucy shares screen! :tada::nerd_face:


TOPIC 3 - EU community Gathering - Guillermo

NON-VERBAL UPDATES (ie: you can’t attend but want to share something)

  • Want to be a notetaker or chair the next call? Let us know here :slight_smile:
  • Rust Fest is coming! Link?
  • here it is http://www.rustfest.eu/
  • Looking for 3-5 QA people for the Maker Party website! Please sign-up here or email lucy (lucy@mozilla.com)
  • Reminder for the activate campaign.
  • https://activate.mozilla.community/
  • Questions? ping Brian via email or Telegram
  • Thanks to Fredrik Andersson, Kristoffer Grönlund of SUSE, Jan-Erik Rediger, Nathan Froyd and Lars Bergstrom and the rest of the Rust team for help with the Second Rust Meetup in Stockholm http://www.meetup.com/ruststhlm/ information about the third is coming in October or November and Pictures from this one and blogpost here https://fnordig.de/2016/08/31/rust-from-the-back-to-the-front/ https://twitter.com/bittin/status/770530627984785408
  • Aswell as a Mozfika in Sweden in end of November https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozilla-fika-swedish-mozilla-community-meeting/
  • Our Rust group in Bolivia is ready to go! We have an agreement with the largest university in the country.
  • Hey everyone! I can’t stay for the entire call as I have a sprint meeting with marketing but we are doing an open call for blogs! Do you have content that you’d like to share? Are you looking to try blogging? Mozilla Open Mic wants you! Our goal is to have content coming in from around the world on a consistent basis. Right now we have three posts with two more on the way. You can check out the Medium page at: https://medium.com/mozilla-open-mic If you have questions, comments, concerns or content you’d like shared, please contact Sierra Reed. sreed@mozilla.com, IRC: sreed; Telegram: sierrar
  • One last update - do you run a social channel for your community? Do you work closely with someone who does run social for your community? Join the Social Champions mailing list to get once a week emails from me and collaborate with other Mozilla social mavens! Contact Sierra Reed for more info: sreed@mozilla.com, IRC: sreed1, Telegram: sierrar
  • Next week-end European heritage days in Paris mozilla office, we take over mozillagram
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