Reps Weekly Call 2015-09-10


Thursday September 10th, 15:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video


Weekly call details:


Upcoming Events
Help me with my project
Council updates

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

Raw notes here ( after migration):


  1. Hi my name is San James and I’m from Uganda
  2. Hi my name is Dyvik and i am from India
  3. Hi I am Harsha Bandaru and i am from India
  4. Hi my name is Rahul Talreja and i am from India
  5. Hello, I am Sunnat from Dhaka, Bangladesh :smiley:
  6. Hi I’m Michael, still from Switzerland last I checked :wink:
  7. Konstantina, a Greek in Berlin
  8. Hi, I am Ikram and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  9. I am Ashickur Rahman form Dhaka, Bangladesh
  10. Hi my name is Francisco, and I am from Spain
  11. Hi my name is Daniele from Italy
  12. Hi my name is Lucy from Canada
  13. Hi my name is Sumanth from India.
  14. Hi, Elio from Tirana, AlbaniaHi
  15. ! I’m Prathamesh from Pune, India.
  16. I’m Ina from Jakarta, Indonesia
  17. Hello, I’m Rubén, Spanish guy here :PHi
  18. Hi, I’m Mahir from Rajshahi, Bangladesh
  19. Hi, I’m Rosana wearing yellow and writing green today :slight_smile:
  20. Hi, my name is Sandraghassen, aka Ganesh from Mauritius
  21. Towaha, Sylhet, Bangladesh; Rainy Wether :smiley:

Shout outs!

  • Anis and desh for ‪#‎MozComilla‬
  • Safwan, Michael and Lakatos for working with participation team in getting data data from to do community profiles.
  • Rosana for being the queen? :slight_smile: lol :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I know so many, would wish not to miss them while shouting…here I know San James, Rosana, Konstantina

TOPIC 1 - RTL Feature Testing (and general testing) (Michael Kohler ) 5min max

  • Firefox team needs help testing two features in RTL (right to left) languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, ?)
  • Control Center (the popup you get when you click on the left-most UI element in the urlbar)
  • Tracking Protection (open a new private browsing window)
  • visual exploratory testing would be great
  • Download the latest version of Dev Edition (Firefox 42)
  • Test it! (even if you don’t have one of those languages), general testing is appreciated as well!
  • File a bug if you find something that is not correct
  • To see who the amazing testers are, report back here with your results :slight_smile: * Would be great if I could do a shout-out for all the people who helped with this in the next meeting
  • Share this with your communities as well! share share share

TOPIC 2 - Events (Franc) 5 mins

TOPIC 3 - Help me with my project!

  • Dyvik - BCG (Business Collaboration Group)
  • We are planning to start a community for Marketing Students who are currently pursuing Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA) and Masters of Business administration(MBA) in collaboration with small,medium and large scale companies.
  • We are trying to bring real-time Marketing,Advertising and Branding problems from the companies and let students to work on them. By doing this both companies as well as students will be benefited. We are also planning to Provide client servicing for the companies. We would be glad if Mozilla can help us in growing this Community
  • Dyvik - Team Innovative
  • Very long back i’ve worked with Kate(Katherine) on this project and now i feel its the right time to implement it :slight_smile:

TOPIC 4 - What we’re working on in Council ( Michael )

  • Mentor Accountability + Mentor Selection Process is stalled until we have a definitive plan where we want to go in terms of leadership within Reps, so we don’t have to change again shortly after finishing this.
  • Top priority: start Budget training again to have the possibility to focus on strategy within the Council senor Franc is helping there
  • Discussions on where the Reps program could go
  • Talking to other Council-like teams in other organizations to find out what we can learn from them
  • San James is meeting with Larissa to onboard her for being a mentor :slight_smile:

TOPIC 5 - Open Space Discussions Elio is moderating

  • Is there an established bridge between staff and volunteers for different contribution areas? Various contribution areas like Creative Design or Advocacy lack volunteer involvement, whereas other contribution areas like Reps are led by a great amount of volunteers. What can we do to allow volunteers be part of discussions in the contribution area they wish to help, not only where they’re welcome to.
  • Identify blockers for volunteer involvement.
  • Involve participation team to work on these blockers
  • Questions: Rosana: Would you like people to discuss this on a call or add their ideas on the topic?
  • Answer: Elio, I would actually like people to start discussing about this
  • Answer: Rosana: In terms between the bridge between the staff and the volunteers, in this call how many you feel disconnected from the contribution area you’re contributing
  • Answer: San James: maybe a good step would be to reach out to the contribution area and say that I want to contribute also the participation team would be able to help there
  • How much is the difficulty in finding the right people on those teams to connect with, and how much is having platforms for connecting once you know the person to talk to.
  • Tad has been working on this specifically around the Participation Team and has proposed a strategy for better involving volunteers and we would LOVE your help as we contribute to build it out (it is in super-draft mode!)
  • Should a non-mentor Rep be able to run for council?
  • Franc: I think that the current council requires a lot of time so maybe an everyday Rep won’t be able to take that burden. However we should start discussing this on the discourse topic cause we need more voices. Overall I think its a good idea but maybe its complicated in accomplishing
  • Identify if this is something Reps support (apparently yes)
  • Identify a nomination process for Reps who are eligible to run for council (we should be careful to not limit this, while still not ending up with 50 reps candidating)
  • Reinitiate discussion on Discourse
  • Create a proposal SOP
  • General questions:
  • Should this be to initiate a discussion in discourse or is this to bring more attention on ongoing discussions in discourse
  • Rosana: we can start experimenting on bringing the most interesting discussions we have on discourse and give them more attention
  • Elio: I think this is a good idea since the Reps call is also in the etherpad so everyone can read the notes
  • Elio: is anyone interesting on having a discussion on building a proposal about this?