Weekly Call 2015-08-13


Thursday August 13th, 15:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video
Link: https://air.mozilla.org/reps-weekly-20150813

Weekly call details:


  1. Upcoming events: Francisco will update us about important upcoming events.
  2. Help me with my projects - testdays ( list is still open)
  3. Updates from council work

The Webmaker event me and @Åke Nygren was supposed to have in Sweden this weekend got canceled, but i am having my ReMo meeting next Wednsday and hope i can join you and me and Åke is having meeting next week so we might move our event to September or October instead as we can’t have it now

Detailed Notes

shout outs to Rosana, Yofie, Flaki, Kristi, Indonesian community and Yonggang Zhang

Participation github

Presentation by Rosana

  • All projects can be found here
  • Community Dashboard
  • Defining how we can measure activity and everything the community is doing
  • You can add your user stories here
  • Planning framework
  • help volunteers and staff to plan events, activity and initiative - well ahead of time.
  • planning ahead for future quarters
  • Coaching framework
  • a framework for effectiveness at empowering people

Featured Events

  • Mozilla2school Events

Help me with my project

  • Firefox OS Addon to send images from the Camera to IMGUR
  • Help is needed to capture this event from the camera app

Rep of the month July

Join us to congratulate Mohammed Hafez for being the Rep of the Month in July

What we’re working on in Council

  • All previous meeting notes from the Council meetings are on the Wiki
  • Working on a “Reps Program Profile” with a SWOT analysis
  • Brainstorming which processes don’t work well enough in the Council (currently only
    from our view, but please give us feedback if you see something!)reps-council[at]mozilla.com or reps-chair[at]mozilla.com
  • the application queue is down though Indian applicants will be taken to an spreadsheet and we will ask Indian Mentors/Reps for feedback

For more details check the relevant discourse links here and here

Raw notes can be checked here