Weekly Call 29-09-2016


  • Thursday September 29th, 16:00 UTC


  • Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Weekly call details:


  1. MozTechSpeakers Updates
  2. Review Team
  3. Council updates

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  • Hi my name is Amit Kumar Jaiswal, and I am from India.
  • Hi my name is Amine Zaafouri and I am from Tunisia.
  • Hi my name is Sandraghassen S Pillai aka Ganesh and I am from Mauritius.
  • Hi, my name is Mijanur and I am from Bangladesh. My favorite part of the world is my own motherland which is Bangladesh. because I born here and I love everything here.
  • Hi, my name is Mehul Patel and I am from India.
  • Hi my name is Konstantina and I am from Greece. My favorite part of the world is in my summerhouse cause I’ve spent all my summer vacations there as a kid
  • Hi my name is Manuela, i am from Ivory coast
  • Hi my name is Manel, I am from Tunisia.
  • Hi my name is Srushtika and I am from India. My favourite part of the world is Venice, I’ve always wanted to be there :smiley:
  • Hi! This is Prathamesh from Pune, India. My most favorite part of the world is the Himalayas because they are incredible! \o/
  • Hi, I’m Havi and I’m from California.
  • Hi, I’m Jobava and I come from Romania. My favorite part of the world is Berlin
  • Hi, My name is Michael and I am from Sunnyvale, California
  • Hi, I’m Daniele and i come from Italy. My favorite part of the world is my city obviously.
  • Hi I am Christos and I am from Thessaloniki Greece. My favorite part of the world is my laptop! dude please…
  • Hi Im Irvin and I’m from Taipei ,Taiwan. My favourite part of the world is… many place I’d been to that makes me relax.
  • Hi I am Rabimba from Houston (at present)
  • Hi my name is Alex, and I am in London. My favorite part of the world is my heart, because that’s where K lives. <3
  • Hi, my name is KaiRo and I am from Austria. My favorite part of the world is wherever awesome people like Mozillians or Star Trek fans meet
  • HI my name is Sierra and I am from San Francisco. My favourite part of the world is anywhere with a beach and surfing.
  • Hi, my name is Guillermo and I am in Buenos Aires. My favourite part of the world is, probably, Macchu Picchu. You could see pictures and understand why
  • Hi, my name is Giannis and I am from Greece. Nearly all parts of the world are beautiful. :smiley:
  • Hi, my name is Alex Fuser and I am from México. My Favourite part of the world is Bora Bora, because i like the beach.
  • Hi, my name is Trishul and I am from India. My Favourite part of the world is North - India, because i like the Mountains.
  • Hi my name is Ernest Chiang from Taiwan. SUMO fan!
  • Hi my name is Lívia Takács and I am from Hungary. My favorite part of the world is Balaton, because why not?
  • Hi my name is Mohamed Hafez, I am from Egypt.
  • Hi, my name is Gašper from Slovenia. My favourite part I would like to re-visit is Singapore.
  • Hi my name is Yuli, and i´m from México. My favourite part of the world is Greece because it has a lot of history.
  • Hi, my name is Marios and I am from Greece. My favorite part of the world is an island. Which island?one day What day?
  • Hi, my name is Adriano Cupello and I’m from Brazil. My favorite part of the world is London.
  • Hi, my name is Geraldo Barros and I’m from Brazil. My favorite part of the world is Easter Island.
  • Hi, my name is Ajay Kumar Jogawath and I’m from India. My favorite part of the world is my home with family :smiley:
  • Hi, Rizky Ariestiyansyah from Indonesia. My favorite part of the world is Indonesia because it’s awesome

Shout outs!


TOPIC 1 - MozTechSpeakers updates

  • Phase 2 Summer Pilot: facilitator (Manel/Laka/Ioana ( i am missign this call unfortunatelly) /Rabimba?) + Amine (participant) , + other participants on call
  • 41 of our Tech Speaker “Ducklings” went through the Phase 2 training program. Participants were broken into regional groups and facilitated by 18 full-fledged Tech Speakers who guided their meetings, labs, and coursework. (Michael)
  • Manel as a faciliator sharing her experience on participating on the program, how to couch, how to help them prepare and many more things
  • Amine: one of the greatest experience in Mozilla, if you want to apply tips: have your slides prepared, we’ve learned on how to make our presentation more interesting. We also saw how professionals are talking
  • Berlin Tech Speaker Meetup: What we accomplished. Summary. - Rabimba
  • 25 of our current Tech Speakers (nearly 100%) converged on Berlin for the first-ever Tech Speakers Meet-Up. While in Berlin, Tech Speakers practiced their presentation skills, received one-on-one feedback from an industry expert, created template decks for future Tech Speakers to use, authored bio summaries, refilled their SWAG arsenals, and received an insider-scoop on what’s in the pipeline for Firefox.
  • 19 Tech Speakers stayed in Berlin after the Meet-Up to lend their services to the View Source Team (an even 20, if you add me). For many Tech Speakers, this was an excellent way to put their newly acquired skills and learnings to the test in a real-world-environment. At View Source, Tech Speakers filed volunteer slots, took to the main stage for Ignite Talks, led discussion panels, hosted breakout sessions, and staffed demo booths. Feedback from event staff was a glowing praise of everyone’s hard-work and dedication.
  • Ramimba: the whole experience have been talking on tech events about Mozilla longs before the program so it’s all about helping them becoming better and scaling
  • Next round of Phase 2 & Future plans: high level roadmap/dates for next instance of Phase 2, Michael on tracking and leveling up (proposed)
  • Phase 2 Summer Pilot status: survey completion/CFP homework review in progress, to wrap up in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Application for next version of Phase 2 to open in 2016 for a session in Q1 2017. Format and requirements tbd based on feedback from the summer pilot.
  • Michael Ellis is lead on all Tech Speaker event support and speaker funding requests. Will work w/new tech speakers on processes and reporting requirements.
  • Discourse is where you can see announcements.
  • Can you share information such as the application, with me once it’s ready? I’ll share it with the Social Champions! I’m sure that this is something they would be interested in. -Sierra

TOPIC 2 - Review Team - Konstantina
Review team is starting to review bugs tomorrow

TOPIC 3 - Council Updates Alex Lakatos

  • Reviewed functional areas on the portal
  • Worked with Maker Party - launch coming soon
  • Activate campaign survey - please fill it, before end-of-day today
  • New coaches - Like you know Guillermo did a training for Reps Mentors in Coaching skills.
  • That training begun with 11 new Mentors. But now we want to make it available for current Mentors that want to improve their skills.
  • You have time until Friday Oct 7th to add your name.

TOPIC 4 - Reps/Regional Team Updates - Guillermo

  • Working on Q4 goals and OKRs
  • New Coaches (like Alex explained)
  • Arabic Community Gathering - participants selected
  • European Gathering blog post

TOPIC 4 - Help me with my project!

  • In this section the floor is yours to present in 1 minute a project you are working on and ask other Reps for help and support.
    If you can’t make the call, please add your project below and a link with more information and we’ll read it for you during the call.

  • Hello team, My name is Chandan , I need help on Activating Mozilla Leadership Network to my region India. Since its a functional area and I got repsonsiblity to Mobilize Others.

  • During Event Me and My team created a proposal where we wrote what are our goals and how we can help global community of MLN.

  • here is the link of that : http://bit.ly/2cOxi5V please comment what you find best for this initiative.

  • Questions:

  • Whom Should I contact for getting mentored for MLN ?


  • Want to be a notetaker or chair the next call? Let us know here :slight_smile:
  • Hi my name is AnnieJolinTsai from Taiwan.