Weekly UK Community Call [Every Thursday at 19:00, during 2018]


(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #1

Further to the round table discussion at last night’s UK Community meet we will now hold WEEKLY online open calls.

Initially these are planned for each Thursday evening, at around 7pm.

The basic gist is to have an open floor to discuss things we are doing. By having more regular online meets this allows us the opportunity to support each other, discuss our hurdles, and build a real world network of UK Mozillians.

Calendar - iCal or HTML

We’re working on getting a consistent video call channel, that you can rely upon each week. Expect to see the link in this thread. These will NOT be recorded, but we’ll endeavour to note down important points.

Get ready for the next call 8th March
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If you have anything to add to the new UK Community calendar, please reach out to one of the following core Mozillians:

All our gatherings adhere to Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines (CPG). This helps encourage a positive experience for all. Please familiarise yourself with them and refer back to them regularly. Everyone is welcome, but we will be firm on any groups or individuals who do not reflect our collaborative efforts through the CPG.

Setting our Priorities [Follow up from 2nd August call]
(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #2


  • replace @sw1ayfe as central point of contact in Telegram wiki (I no longer use Telegram)
  • initiate onboarding content & allocate key person to get it started (initial repo)
  • @sw1ayfe deliver mentoring project (currently mentoring a 2nd time in MoFo’s Open Leadership - it feels a good match to our needs) - ** ETA 22nd March

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #3

[Completed] Added to London wiki page https://wiki.mozilla.org/London#UK_Community

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #4

Plan spring time GATHERING. (June 2nd Spring Picnic)


(Yousef Alam) #5

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #6

Plan email list. Initiated via Picnic event. We need to discuss needs & implications. Appoint accountable NDA’d Mozillian|s as ‘data processor|s’ thus adhering to GDPR (EU) and DPA (UK). Mozilla being designated ‘data controller’.

EDIT [1st March] - there are currently several lists. Intention is to amalgamate these into one UK Community email list. This will need notification of this intention to these lists, set date to migrate, perform migrate, deal with errors, notify of successful migration.

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #7

Discuss Paul’s idea of Europe-wide call From Berlin...with an idea

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #8

[Completed] New shiny TAGS. Gone back as far as Jan 2017. Soz for the post order reshuffle due to this. Did I mention they’re shiny?

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #9

1st March 2018 - Just a couple of us on the call this week. We mostly talked about the cold weather, snow, and strategised how we might bring more to these calls.

Next week will take action by beginning to openly define steps toward engagement. We’ll be starting right at the beginning of a (soon to be) new community member.

If that might be you, or you would like to get involved at this early creation stage, please join us Thursdays on one of these open calls. We’d love to have your voice with us building these new foundations.

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #10

8th March 2018 - Working through a couple of personas. Purely fictional people, previously been engaged with Mozilla, and more recently slipped through the net. How to reconnect with them.

Collaborative document link. An archive has been created so if you’re reading this at a later date, please copy, edit, or remix.

CALL NOW ENDED CLICK HERE to download the software in advance of the call next week! If you’d prefer to dial in using a phone, or even software like Skype, we’ve got you covered too! We’re back every Thursday from 19:00.

(David Ross - UK Community & Rep) #11

Thursday March 22nd, 2018 UK Community Call @ 19:00 - 20:00 UTC.

CLICK HERE to download the software and join the call.

If you’d prefer to dial in using a phone, or even software like Skype, we’ve got you covered too!

  • UK/London: +44 207 855 3000
  • Extension: 92
  • Room Number: 9447

We’re back next Thursday March 29 from 19:00 BST (+1 UTC).