Weekly Update - 15th October: Low-bandwidth Contribution Call for Contributions

Hey Common Voice community,

For this weeks weekly update !

:postal_horn: Call for contributions: Low bandwidth Contributions to Common Voice

We are excited to announce that we are opening a call for proposals for Low & No Connectivity Contribution Solution.

We would love to see ideas from the community!

If you successfully apply you could receive up to $5000 award to support your idea.

Learn more about the application process on the Mozilla Foundation Website.

:video_camera: Contribute-athon Sessions Recordings

Yesterday we had the first sessions of the Contribute-athon Global. We had an amazing lightning talk from Remy, Paul and Genta explaining how they have used the Common Voice Dataset. You can re-watch the talks on Airmozilla.

At the sessions community members also shared feedback on the New Language Workflow and Language diversity Impact Assessment. You can also influence this by joining our sessions next week for part 2 by registering on Tito. The session will also include a hacktoberfest special and talk from Naail on “How common voice accelerated Speech technologies for Dhivehi”.

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As far as I know, the unofficial Android app already supports offline recording, but only for a few sentences. I believe expanding the app might be the easiest solution to this.


Scanning the local area with apps like stumbler would be a starting point.
Many shopping malls, official buildings, cafes do have free wifi.

In combination with an official open source mozilla cv app for smartphones, tablets, phablets etc. with offline recording for later uploading you are ready to start.

Promoting the idea of free internet (access) for all.

Use it, but do not abuse it /:wink: