What is the best way to learn front-end web development?

javascript or php is better?

Well, I can recommend this video form Edureka, they explained it better. But definitely, you have to learn Javascript to complete basics of Front- end development (but, with the introduction of Node Js you can work on Back-end even, I guess, that made the confusion for you ) whereas, PHP is a Back-end language. :wink: :innocent:

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plus what @Harsh_Rathore said

if you going for anything related to web then you have to learn the core (html/css/js) even if the framework or technology or language generate the page you still need to know what is going in the background to know how things actually work and also in case if you need to do some custom stuff

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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Beside the great advices by @Harsh_Rathore and @justsomeone I find this page interesting: https://roadmap.sh/frontend.
It looks intimidating at first, but in my opinion it is a great overview of technologies involved and gives an idea, where to dig deeper as an interested developer.

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