What should we say on the Visa Meeting

Hello Reps,

In this period all of us have the meeting for Visa, in Tunisia we impose our documents and make an interview, I think they will ask us “why you will go to London?” so what should we answer by:

  • Attending business Conference
  • volunteering
  • another option

Ps: my Visa type is General Visitor because I am student and the conference/ festival hasn’t relation with my study or work

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Please don’t say “volonteering” since that could be understood as “working”.


Yes, UK Customs don’t like the word “volunteer”. Please tell them you are “attending” a conference. Thanks


Okay I will say that I am invited to participate and contribute in the Mozilla Festival 2014 as a Mozilla Representative from Tunisia I think its more clear and easier, no !?

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I would be basic as possible, telling them that you are attending a tech conference.

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Okay thank you @rtsayles :slight_smile:

I am travelling as a minor (under 18 years of age) and the UK Immigration guys didn’t allow me to submit application for a Business Visit visa, so applied for a general visitor. Should I say “Attending a festival” at immigration?

Yes, I am here attending a technology conference, would be appropriate.