[Global Gatherings] FAQ Leadership Summit Singapore

Hello all,

This is an ongoing FAQ for the Leadership Summit, that will be held in Singapore next January 23, 24.

If you have more inquiries, feel free to add a comment here, or send me an email to franc [at]mozilla[dot]com.

Basic Information

1) When the Leadership Summit will take place?
It will take place next January 23rd (Saturday), to January 24th (Sunday). It’s a 2 day event meeting. Arrival date planned is Friday 22nd, and departure date is Monday 25th. You can extend your stay, but Mozilla will cover hotel for those dates. Flights will be evaluated case by case.

2) What is covered by Mozilla?
All meals, travels and accommodation costs while the event takes place. All food are
included during the event. Local transport as well (we will be giving a transport card, so you will only need to pay travel from Airport to Hotel on the arrival).

We won’t cover Taxis as local transport method.


3) Does Mozilla covers Visa fees?
Yes, we will be covering costs related to visas. Please contact Francisco for more information.

4) How will be the process to request reimbursement for visa fees?
If you are a Rep, you only need to file a budget request through the standard process. There’s already an event page, so you can include it in your request. If you are not a Rep, please contact a Rep in your country, or in your region to help you out. If that Rep doesn’t know how to help you, or refuse to help you for some reason, please contact Francisco Picolini.

5) Do I need a visa to enter Singapore?
You can check the Visa requirements, and a list of the countries that need visa. If your country is listed, please register in the form first, and then file a bug for the visa fees, we won’t process bugs that are from people that hasn’t registered yet.

6) What costs are excluded:
We won’t cover the following “extras”:

  • Fees associated to offices or agencies that process the visa for you.
  • Expedit/priority visas (we can do exceptions, but has to be reviewed)
  • Medical insurance (note that in some countries are “suggested” and in others is “mandatory” in order to process the visa. We will only reimburse in case of “mandatory”)
  • Passport (if you need to do a new passport, or if your passport has expired).

7) I’m under 18 years old, are the costs related to the visa of my guard covered by Mozilla?
Yes, exactly the same as stated above, we will cover only costs related to the visa, and won’t cover the “extras” already mentioned.

8) The embassy says that I need a booking confirmation, when I will get it?
We will be sending Invitation letters and booking confirmations as soon a we have it. In any case, you can present the email from George inviting you to the Leadership Summit. Invitation letters will be sent by the week of the 21st if there are no delays.

9) My passport expires in 2016, do I have to renew it?
As usual, you will have to have a valid passport for at least 6 months after you enter the country. If your passport expires before July 22nd 2016, you will have to request a new passport. And as we explained in point 6, this cost won’t be covered by Mozilla.

Booking confirmations will be sending around January 4th. We need time to make the rooming list.


10) How do I book the flights?
We will be sending a link to register in our portal after
an email with a link to book the flight, if you haven’t received yet,
please contact Francisco Picolini. On that link you will be requested to
create an account. Note that if you already have an account, you will
have to access with your details.

10) I’ve requested an account in Egencia, but I haven’t received anything yet.
Note that the account authorization is manually, so don’t expect immediate replies, or an email on a weekend. Also, if you have already an account, you will be able to access with your user and password. If it has been more than 72 hours without a reply, please contact Francisco Picolini

11) It ask for Traveler Group and department.
Indicate Singapore Summit as traveler group and 1002 Participation as department.

12) My local Airport has very bad connections, and I would prefer to travel from other city, is that possible?
Yes it is, but we can analyze it case by case. Please send an email to Francisco before you book online.

13) I’m checking other webpages and flights are cheaper than in the portal, can I book there, and then request reimbursement?
Egencia doesn’t offer low cost airlines. If you see that there are cheaper options, please send an email to Francisco first. Usually countries in South Asia will find better deals, but we need to review case by case. If you can include a screenshot of the page, and the option in Egencia, it will be faster to review it.

14) I’m traveling from a long distance, and the timezone difference is huge for me, can I request to arrive at least one day earlier?
Since there’s a lot of people from so many different countries, we cannot allow early arrivals. In any case, feel free to request it to Francisco or George, and we will see if we can accommodate that. However, bare in mind that the event will start on Saturday, and you will be probably arriving on Friday morning.

15) I’ve made a mistake and I realize that I have to change my flight dates, is that possible?
It will depend basically on the price of the flight. Changes will be allowed up to certain date (probably until December 30th, or January 4th). After that date, no changes will be allowed nor accepted, unless an urgency (personal or work).

We will be sending an email with deadlines.


16) Can I know the name of the hotel?
Yes, the hotel selected is ParkRoyal, we will be sending more information about it soon.

17) Can I have the list of volunteers to select my roomate?
Due to privacy issues, we cannot share that list publicly, feel free to send an email asking for info about this, but we won’t be able to share the complete list with you (we are working on a solution to see if it’s possible somehow).

18) Can I request an individual room?
Since we will be around 130 volunteers, we will be sharing rooms, so at this moment is not possible to request a single room.

19) Can I bring my couple/partner or family?
Unfortunately we cannot allow this, unless your family/friend/partner goes in another room. We won’t be covering this cost, and note that you will be sharing room with other volunteer.


20) Which dinners/Foods are included?
We will be covering dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. We will be trying to have a group dinner each night, having in mind food allergies, and special requests. We will probably be giving a couple of options each night. If you select another choice, we might not be able to cover it, so please feel free to comment or make a request before.

Lunch during the event will be included at the venue. Breakfast is included at the hotel.

Lunch on Friday will be depending on arrival times, as well on Monday. As soon as we have the arrival and departure times, we will be able to organize or let people arrange their own meals on those 2 days.


21) Where is the venue?
The venue is Scape, you can find more information at the event page in Reps. However we will be sending more information soon.

22) How do I get there?
We will be sharing this info soon by email. Remind that we will be trying to give a travel card to all participants, so you can use public transport to get there.

23) What’s the schedule?
We are working on it at this point. It will be shared pretty soon on the wiki, and by email.

Last things

24) Is there any activity planned for nights, city sightseeing, etc?
We might be able to organize something. Remind that we are going to work at the event, but we can have some time to have fun, as in any Mozilla event. However, due to time constrains, it may be that we can’t organize a proper party or activity. Feel free to organize in small groups (or large groups, it depends), to visit some places.

25) Where I can find more information about the city?
There’s a lot of information out there, but to give you some tips:


Hello Fran,

When booking the tickets, it’s also asking for :

  • Reason of travel : what should we answer? Volunteer meetup? WorkWeek / Team meetup? Mozcamp?
  • Product group : participation? (I suppose)

Egencia doesnt list flights from my home city airport, only from the country main international airport to Singapore, does Mozilla cover the flight expenses from my home city to the main international airport of the country? can those be reimbursed via Reps?

Does Mozilla cover meals expenses in airports if my layover is longer than 5 hours?

Hi Flore,

Reason of travel: Workweek/Team Meetup is ok.
Cost center: 1002-Participation
Traveler Group: MoCo Support

The rest shouldn’t be mandatory. If it is, let me know.


Hola Arturo,

[quote=“ThePhoenixBird, post:3, topic:5964, full:true”]
Question:Egencia doesnt list flights from my home city airport, only from the country main international airport to Singapore, does Mozilla cover the flight expenses from my home city to the main international airport of the country? can those be reimbursed via Reps?[/quote]

This is like previous events. If you find a cheap flight with a low-cost airline, you can go ahead and request the reimbursement through the standard procedure in Reps. In any case, you can contact Egencia directly (there’s a phone number and an email address of contact), to double check if they don’t have other options from your home airport.

Before book it and expense it, please open a budget request, so we can review it and give you the final ok. Also, we would appreciate if you include as much information as possible.

Yes. However, we are trying to lower down this, since it will be a lot of people with layovers.

We are not pretending that people has layovers of more than 4 hours, but in some cases will be inevitable. We will be covering usually up to 15 USD per person.


I get on arrival visa in Singapore, and will be charged some during that process by the immigration office. I have selected “visa not required” in the registration form because Nepal is not listed in the country list.
Will it be refunded?

When booking, product group is mandatory and MoCo Support is not listed.
See below:
So which product group should we select? Participation seems like the best option…

Yes, save all receipts for that.

Yep, go for Participation, I think that for Orlando was little bit different, but maybe they changed

Important Information

If you are booking travels, don’t send any email to Brianna Marks. She was coordinating travels for Orlando All Hands. She’s not part of this event at all, so please all requests, comments, inquiries, send it to me.

Last day to book your flights:

December 30th.

We won’t be able to extend any deadline.

I already have an Egencia account from Mozlando. But when I login, there’s no text of confirmation about booking flights for Leadership Summit like we had at Mozlando. What should I do? Should I just book the flight to Singapore?

Thank u :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue…but i began by doing a simple reservation while waiting for the answer :smile:

How long does it take to get the Egencia account approved? (Its been 3 days for me)

can’t access. Every time it says You may have entered an unknown user name or an incorrect password. . But when I try to change the password, it says the same thing, can’t change… :frowning:

Dont use special characters like /*-+$%

I have figured it that it breaks their auth, had a similar issue with my password and just changed it to something without those special chars and it worked, try alphanumeric password only.

Respected Sir,

My Egencia account is still not confirmed. I had registered 3 days back. Please let me know the status.

Those who has already an account, can login, and select the reason of the travel as “Leadership Summit”. If you can’t change cost center, don’t worry, we will change it manually from the backend.

So yes, those who already have an account can go and book directly.


Depends on the amount of requests and when did you requested. Probably on Friday there were a peak, and now the two persons that are approving accounts are trying to approve it one by one (they have to check that the email matches with the one that you have registered, or that the name matches… so please include accurate information).

Note that the process is manual. If you select Brianna as approver, she won’t be able to see it, or she will take longer to forward the authorization, so please select Jennie or Shannon.

Also, remember that the last day to book flights is December 30th. You still have 9 days to book your flights.


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Send me an email. You probably don’t have your account approved. So you have to wait until you receive an email with the confirmation that your account has been approved.

Please check your spam folder first.


Like my reply to Tripad,

Accounts will be approved manually, the process is not automated, and won’t work on Weekends. Expect some delays due the amount of people that are requesting approval at the same time.

Also, if you selected Brianna as approver, your account will take longer to be authorized.