Where do newly subscibed feeds go in Brief?

(C Roger Blair) #1

I used to know where new feed subscriptions in Brief go, but I’ve forgotten where to find those newly-added feeds. Could someone refresh my memory?

Thanks from an absent-minded but very satisfied user.

(Denis Lisov) #2

There’s a folder in your bookmarks called “Subscribed Feeds” (possibly translated if your language is different from English) where all the subscriptions are stored. The “Organize” button in the Brief tab opens it in the Library view.

P.S. It’s better to ask in the official Brief support thread. I noticed this thread by accident, while a new message in that thread would get to my email automatically.

(C Roger Blair) #3

Thanks for the tip about the threade. My problem is that the feed doesn’t show up in “Subscribed Feeds” or in any of its subfolders. What am I missing?

Roger Blair


(Denis Lisov) #4

Sounds strange. Are you using Brief 2.3?

(C Roger Blair) #5

Yes, I’m using 2.3.

Roger Blair


(C Roger Blair) #6

tanriol, just for the record, I disabled all add-ons except Brief and tried again. I still failed whether I went through “Live Bookmarks” or directly through Brief. Since other add-ons don’t seem to be causing the problem, I don’t know what to do next. I hope I don’t have to replace Brief with another reader that will let me add new bookmarks.


OK I’m a confused NOOB. Aren’t we in the official Brief support thread? When I follow your link I come back to what appears to be the collective support thread for all add-ons. What am I missing?