Where do you want the program to be next year?

Hi everyone

Today in the Reps call, we brainstormed about the future of the Reps program. Since not everyone could attend the call, we will continue the discussion here. You’ll find all the answers from the call in the second comment here.

We need everyones input to improve and we would really appreciate your feedback/answers to these questons:

  • What are the things you would like to improve?
  • How do you see the program in the next year?
  • What would you like Council/Peers to do during the Work Week?

on behalf of the Council

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Please keep in mind that these are meeting notes, they might have been been shortened when necessary. If you have any questions, please discuss below. I hope I have copied everything correctly.

What are the things you would like to improve?

Deb / @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw

  • the leadership is something I would like to work more
  • grow Reps beyond the resource part of it
    • how can we distribute the goals that we have among the sub communities and realize how the projects can scale well
    • question from Rosana:could you talk more on goals
    • marketing campaigns that already ruling out
    • for example: Firefox for Android
      • if we can do that on a bigger scale (not just India for example) that could …
      • if we can grow more on mentoring
      • team sharing best practices, it is happening but not being as visible as it should be
    • Reps as a platform for Knowledge sharing
      • sharing mentorship
      • sharing best practices for projects among communities

Guillermo / @deimidis

  • grow Reps beyond the resource part of it
  • need to change our minds in a community prospective, stays in the long run rather in the multi events that don’t make sense any more
  • Michael: I think this goes to the correct direction (like advocacy)

Kensie / @Kensie

  • like the presentation that was shared after reps leadership meeting in Paris 2015
  • like to see more participatory reps+1+1+1, instead of not having just events+1
    • More participation in governance discussions+1
    • Track voting, make sure active Reps are voting for council (Discourse topic)
  • Streamline process, not just make big picture decisions - more accountability for decisions we are taking
    • example: maybe making a MozCoffee a mandatory first activity as a training experience"
  • I think we should make council voting mandatory"
  • Keep improving reports abilities on the portal
    • We attend a lot of meetings, but they have to be added by hand as a report

Konstantina / @couci

  • do more leadership, I do believe that Reps is more than events
  • more connections between regional communities and the Reps => Reps and Mozillians.org connection+1

Rosana / @rosana

  • Reps driving initiatives that are not events and that are having massive impact on the Mission+1+1

Ruben / @r_oVhPfcJCUUC5wbm6i4_C2Q

  • reps being more a support platform than event s platform +1+1
  • reps is more about helping and being trained on helping more functional areas and grow inside Mozilla


  • Discourse should be used as effective platform for communicating updates on the progress of the goals achieved by Task force teams in Mozilla.

Lucy / @lucyeoh

  • second Rosana’s point, reps have more leadership

George / @george

  • agreeing with everybody
  • getting to the point where there is a very high level (culture of excellence) where people realize that actions are being watched by the community and everything should be high quality

Stephan / @sjmur (from Telegram)

  • Helping hand, lets put extra effort into helping reps who are new/unsure or just need that little bit of guidence even if their mentor is not around all the time. It would have helped me and I want to do that for others. In short, little more transparenceny and more exclusivity (Gah, spelling, I need coffee)

Emma / @emma_irwin

  • However we embrace the future of Reps, I think the portal needs to reflect that as a first step, because it still reflects old missions, definitions etc. It’s confusing and ultimately misleading to some of these conversations
  • Reps - Leadership, leadership, mentorship, mentorship

Rara / @rara

  • I would like to see the Reps can be the leader for the local community, also activate the functional team lead roles within the Reps and Mozillians in the local community.
  • Focusing on a leadership development program for the Reps

How do you see the program in the next year? What a should Rep role be? What would you like Council/Peers to do during the Work Week?

We have combined those questions in our call due to time constraints, feel free to answer them separately below!

Deb / @r_qDYrxoJ3X9S_ltyv6BEiGw

  • the evolution of Reps is how they align with the goalsmore interested in how the council and mentor roles get reorganized
  • current model is not linear set in stones (people in council might not be good mentors, mentors might not be good council members) (Action: Michael to create an action item for Whistler)
  • Remo 2.0 document was interesting - how many people know about it?
  • interaction with the bigger reps community as well as the mentorship program might be of great importance

Emma / @emma_irwin

  • Similar to Deb - if council could rebuild the reps program (including definitions of roles) in the lense of recent conversations in paris, and this call - what would it look like . What would you keep; throw away, build entirely different? (Action: Michael to create action item for Whistler)

Guillermo / @deimidis

  • good exercise for the council is to create the persona workshop
  • give people the idea that they can do other stuff not just events

Kensie / @Kensie

  • a year really focused on auditing the program to streamline and align towards the same vision
  • we don’t have the same vision for the program
  • culture of excellence is intimidating
    • Rosana: what is intimidating in excellence
    • Kensie: you have to be careful, it’s stressful there is a rift in what the program should be
    • Emma: be careful about labels, because we have an issue with emerging leaders, we have an issue sometimes with people’s confidence, and overconfidence. take a year to be efficient

Sofien / @chaasof

  • direct interaction with teams in mozilla from the first side and in the other side with mozillians.org to mentor them with activities and action items fixed as blockers or high priority

Michael / @mkohler

  • the projects are not communicated to the whole community, Reps can spread the news on the projects they are running
  • get volunteers on board early, Reps can help here to spread the news


  • nothing to add from myself

Even if you have already contributed during the call, please feel free to expand on your answer in the comments below.

And we’d like to invite everyone to share their thoughts and feedback here :smile: