RepsNext - Improvements overview

Hi everyone

We’ve just published a Reps blog post describing the fundamental improvements of RepsNext:

Over the past months we have extensively worked on the future of the Reps program - called RepsNext. In several working groups we worked on proposals to improve the Reps program, keeping up with the Mozilla’s and our Reps’ needs. Following the RepsNext Introduction Video this blog post provides a broad overview of the various focus areas and invites further conversation.

We plan to go into more detail for each of the above mentioned areas in future blog posts. In order to prioritize and invest our (volunteering) energy in the most impactful way, we need your help: Which of the above areas are you most interested in? Where do you want to hear more in the next blog post? Which concerns do you have? What do you find intriguing?

Please let us know below and we aim to come up with an article answering to all your questions in a timely manner.


I am the guy that wait this like a kid for the Christmas!

For the areas as I can see from the thread opened in the last months that rep ask about the Budget and Mentorship.

I think find intriguing the news about the portal itself but I think that we need to talk before about all the WG proposal done.

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Hi everyone

Here’s the blog post:

Looking forward to hear all your input and feedback on what you’d like to know more about!



Hi @mkohler

I have few questions,

  1. How are coaches different from mentors ?

  2. Does the coach belong from the leadership track ?

  3. I was under the impression that mentors reviewing budgets will help in planning the event resources better as they understand various factors in the local community.
    How will the review team come to know about the local community circumstances?

  4. Are we gonna have a set of reps as leaders for each functional areas in the leadership track ?

  5. How are the leaders for each functionality area in leadership track selected ?



Very interesting news specially the table with the before vs after.

I have the same question, for the Reps Regional Coaches we are planning on a different way but they will be the same people or for that role is required something like that

I think yes because the coaching is a way to improve the leadership that the rep role need to have.

For my point of view this is very interesting but is missing many things discussed in the RepsNext like the portal and the accountability.

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I thought Regional coaches are Reps who would improve communication and act as a bridge.


Not al the regional coaches are reps and they are not a bridge but a support/coach for the communities not for the reps.

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When will there be more information about the Functional areas? How will Reps identify themselves with a functional area? Who on the Participation Team will drive this part of the program?


This is something we haven’t advance a lot yet from the RepsNext side. Council will be coordinating with Participation team to support a common and aligned strategy.

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